Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dancing With the Stars Update!!

I forgot to do this the other night... so here are our updated lists and yes, you see correctly, I am kicking butt, Mike is down to 4 on his Top 5! Michael Bolten is GONE! I am hoping that "The Situation" gets booted soon, as well as the comedian! I can't stand to watch them! I personally think that Michael Bolten should have lasted longer, stiff or not, he was better than "The Situation", but the people vote, and he is pretty popular!
Ashley’s List                                                              Mike's List

Jennifer and Derek                                                     Kyle and Lacey
Kyle and Lacey                                                          Jennifer and Derek
Brandy and Maxim                                                     Rick and Cheryl
Rick and Cheryl                                                         Brandy and Maxim
Audrina and Tony                                                      Michael and Chelsie

Michael and Chelsie                                                   Florence and Corky
Florence and Corky

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