Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Things

This is going to be a generalized "THINGS" post, for things that bug me, things that I do, things that others do... etc...

So, I will start off with things that I am happy about: and you probably guessed it... I am off today!!! I am also happy that I managed to sleep in and it is supposed to be nice today.. if this fog ever clears! It is also Thursday... and Greys and Private Practice are on tonight!

Things I do :
  • Lock my car, yes I know we all do this, but I have a few anxieties about it. I usually lock my car once I am out if, but when my hands are full (on my way into work) I will lock the car while I am sitting in it with the door open and put the keys away in my purse, I then get out of the car and before I shut the door, I check that I have my keys and sometimes lock it again and shut the door. I must get distracted at some point between my building and the lot, because I then later wonder if I locked the car... does anyone else do this? I may have a fear of locking my keys in the car or of not locking the door at all! I am crazy and I cannot seem to shake it, I just have to double check. It is not even like my car is the most amazing car out there:

  • While on the topic of cars, I also will not let my gas light come on in my car, if I can help it! I have a fear of running out of gas! I am sure I am not alone on this one!

  • I tuck my socks into my pajama pants on cold nights when I go to bed because I cannot stand my pant legs up at my knees. I may look crazy, but I am warm... I totally need pajama pants with feet! I am totally jealous of babies because they have this!

Things I am afraid of include SPIDERS... I HATE spiders. I am afraid of SNAKES as well.

Things that are bug me: LEONS! haha I was supposed to get my washer and dryer delivered today and they did not call! Sooooo I phoned and they were like "we don't deliver to Innerkip on Thursdays, only Tuesdays and Wednesdays" so of course I got upset with that fact, as I was told they deliver to Innerkip on Thursdays and Saturdays, so after explaining to the woman that I was told Thursdays. She had reminded me that there was no way she could have them delivered today, but that it would have to be either Tuesday or Wednesday. She also told me that if I wanted to speak to the salesman that told me all this info, she could have him phone me, and I said well what good is that going to? If you don't deliver on Thursdays to my village, then you don't deliver and there is no way I can get it today... so really what good is that going to do? REALLY!! So I went with Tuesday for some stupid reason and got off the phone with her. I then realized that I only get Mondays and Thursdays off, and not even for sure, but if I am going to have a day off it would be Monday or Thursday. So I called her back, not sure if I am even speaking to the same woman and explained that there was no way Tuesday or Wednesday would work, it would have to be Thursday! She said ok, no problem, I will put you on Thursday! I questioned her, informing her of what the lady previously told me and reminded her where I lived and she said "yeh that happens sometimes, but it will be fine, we deliver to Innerkip on Thursdays, but sometimes can do it Tuesdays or Wednesdays! CRAZY! Enough said!

Things I wish:

  • I wish that my cats would do their sprints around the house at any point, aside from when we go to bed! After all, they have ALL day! They chase each other, growl, play fight, hiss, meow, and cause a commotion every night when we go to bed! It is like I should pretend to go to bed at like 8:00 every night, so that they have it out of their system by bedtime!

  • I actually wish that I enjoyed cooking, I sometimes really want to do something in the kitchen, but that want disappears half way through the task!

  • I wish that the fall colors lasted a little be longer! I feel that I am going to miss the photo opportunities, as the tress change at different times!

  • I wish I could take more pictures, now that I have time off in the week, but I need to find people who want their pictures taken, without annoying them with my continuous shots and variations! (Don't worry J&S, I will take your family pics soon!)

  • I wish that my nose would stop running and that my allergies would take a HIKE for good!

  • I wish that puppies stayed small and precious! I found some photos of Lily and Gracie as puppies and brought back sooo many memories! Here are a few sneak peaks... I think I'll do a photo blog on them at some point!

Gracie - 9 weeks old

Lily - between 8 and 9 weeks!

Well that is just about enough, feel free to post your own Thursday Things!

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