Monday, September 27, 2010

Re-Organize Recap

Soooo... hubby and I got brave this weekend and we tackled a few things on our 2010 To-do list that is only in my mind, not on paper!! Which will be a whole other blog on it's own!

Infact, I think I will start doing a Monthly Monday post to go over the things that need to be done for that month and maybe a Finally Friday to go over what we actually accomplished!

However, this weekend we worked really hard and buckled down a few dreary tasks! First off we bathed Jazz, she has been shedding like a mad cat! Jazz HATES baths!! However the job had to be done and it was job that takes two of us, because Jazz is FULLY clawed!! I had once tried to bath her by myself at the old house, which you could get right in the shower with her and close yourselves in, so she could not escape and I wore rubber gloves to try to give myself some type of protection, which got ripped to shreds, so at that point I had said I was never going to do this on my own. However, hubby once thought he could tackle the task on his own and he ended up with a pierced nipple!! So we have mutual agreement that it takes two to tackle Jazz!  So Jazz was washed and cuddled dry and let me tell you... we could have provided hair for a whole other cat, with the amount of hair that came off of her!

Secondly, we hubby headed outside, since it was SUPPOSED to rain on Sunday, which it ended up doing on Saturday on and off. He is such a trooper! He brought over the backho and filled the bucket with broken patio stones from our Phase 1 Backyard Overhaul, along with the broken, un-useful pieces of slate we had left over from our patio and they just tidied up the yard in general. We had all of the rocks on our stamped concrete path to the hobby shop, which as you all know is full of my Mom's stuff! However, this coming weekend has crept up on us all fast and IT'S ALL LEAVING!!! Which means the hobby shop can soon become a functioning room! Infact, my treadmill is awaiting its new location!! So we at least needed the path cleared this time, so loading the moving truck can go as smoothly as possible! Mike went back to the farm and dropped off the stones at the BIG rock pile at the back of the farm.

I guess I have never really mentioned the FARM! That is a big and common word at our house! We live just a few minutes away from the farm which is located just outside of our village. Mike's parents own the farm and Mike grew up there! If you say the word FARM in our house, our dogs go CRAZY! and if you happen to say something along the line of " Do you wanna go see Grandma and Granpa at the FARM?" they go absolutely BONKERS! Soooo cute! The dogs absolutely love the farm, they could stay and play ALL day!! In the summer, we don't go there all that often, but come fall, winter and spring it is a different story! Hubby does work for his Dad, who owns a farm drainage company, so hubby heads to the farm to start every day and then they travel to various farms for work. Mike will sometimes take the dogs with him.

But back to buisness... Hubby also tidied the garage and cut the grass! So you are probably wondering what the heck was I doing? Well, I headed into town and grabbed a few necessities in the grocery store and headed back home and tackled some of the laundry I had been avoiding! Then we went around the corner Saturday night to friends of ours and enjoyed appetizers and good company!

Because we were out late Saturday night, Sunday we took the morning to sleep in (which for Hubby was 9 and for myself it was 10'o'freakin'clock!!) We relaxed all morning, I got caught up on my Soap Operas (Days of Our Lives and General Hospital). We had lunch and then decided that we would make another loaf of homemade bread! We decided to make a French loaf this time and we also decided to make a 1.5 pound loaf this time, because our cheese loaf was soo small last time. Little did we remember... we made a 0.5 pound loaf last time, not a 1 pound loaf and 1.5 does NOT fit in our bread machine! We ended up having to cut off the very top (not too much) because it did not finish baking where it had been stick to the lid of the breadmaker! However the bread was FANTASTIC!! This loaf took at least 4 hours to bake!! We took our ribs out of the freezer to start defrosting them for dinner and headed downstairs!

Cold Cellar HERE WE COME!!

Yes, we worked on the cold cellar, since we had not worked in this room since moving day and knew that things were in there that should not be! Like cupboards full of SHOES! We had been meaning to work on this task for well over a year, since we have been in our house for just/well over a year!

So... out came the cupboards full of shoes and we started going through them and I may or may not have... found shoes with tags on them still and I found shoes that I had totally forgot about! This was a topic for discussion.... so this was something that we obviously had to find a resolution to, there is no way that my shoes should be forgotten about in the basement!! So Mike made me go through all the shoes that we found downstairs, because there was ANOTHER shoe rack in the back basement as well! So believe this or not... but I did it!! I got rid of OLD shoes! Not all of them, but pairs that I had not worn since highschool, that I would never consider wearing again or that were well to worn, along with some flip flop sandles that had no soles left to them! I don't know why I kept them!! However... I am not the only shoe collecter in our household!! Hubby has way too many pairs of running shoes! So he saw how hard I was working to decide to get rid of shoes and he joined in the festivities and got rid of a few pairs himself! We donated the shoes that we decided to get rid of, that were still in good shape! We wiped down all the shoes. We put the shoes that should not be forgotten on a wire shoe rack and took that upstairs and put them in a closet and the shoes that we would not wear all that often, but could not get rid off stayed in the blue cupboard, that was now only half-full and relocated it to the back basement! We now had only completely empty cupboard, gave it a good clean and back in the cold cellar it went! It was now going to be my new TUPPERWARE cupboard!!

Tupperware is a WHOLE other story! I have sooooo much tupperware!! Mike's Mom had a tupperware bridal shower for me! So we clearly needed a space for this all on its own! Before we tackled this job, they were in boxes and bins that we rummaged through to find anyhing! So with the tupperware having its own home, was fantastic! However it did not all fit in the cupboard, so we kept the clear bin and put the smaller tupper ware in there, attached all the lids to the containers for easy finding and we were set! We were organized in the tupperware department!

We also have a white tall cupboard in there, which we organized as well with kitchen appliances that we do not use everyday, along with dishes that we do not use often! We found our picnic set, which we should replace one day, because I am sure it is very old and it appears to be missing a few pieces, I think we recieved it second-hand! After organizing it, we moved on to the shelves that we had bought for the cold cellar. We moved them over to the opposite wall, so that all of our shelving was on one wall and just placed the various items in an organized fashion on the shelves. The items mostly consisted of products that we had bought in bulk at COSTCO, like ziplock bags, brownie mix, pop, water, etc. We technically should have also done an inventory of the freezer as well while we were in there, but we had enough of that room and were happy with what we accomplished!

Now we have to figure out the closets upstairs, where we put the shoe rack, because they are far from any state of organization! The back basement is a tack that we do not look forward to as well, because it is full of basement stuff in moving boxes! However, we will get around to that, as it is not top-priority!

We enjoyed a nice dinner, while watching Heartland, which has become a Sunday family dinner tradition in our household, and then Mike had to go meet with friends at the golf course to dicuss plans for a buck and doe that they are throwing for M&J and I headed out for a walk with the dogs!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!!

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