Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

This week has been a bit crazy, a bit stressful, and to be honest it is ending perfectly with being home with the hubby today!!

What happened? Well I will share a bit of it with you!

Yesterday happened! It started after a decent nights sleep (finally) when I went to have a shower and it wouldn't drain. Oh did I forget to mention I was showering in Mikes bathroom where there s just a stall? Ya that sucks but then the toilets wouldn't flush either!

I might have mentioned that we ad a plumber here last week to fix a different plumbing issue on the roof... Something regarding the pipe on the roof... Whatever it was fixed. The was an entirely different issue have to do with the pipes in the ground!

So I told Mike he needed to fix it. His Dad was in town and picked up a snake to fish through the system but it wasn't long enough! So he went into town to get a longer one, but while e was in town he got a fire call, not just a typical medical call but an actual fire in one of the houses in the village. So he grabbed the right snake and safely rushed back into the village to the scene!

A friend of mine sent me this picture, as I was working:

Luckily no one was home or injured and the house is still standing, although damaged! The fire started in the basement!

Soo needless to say, my plumbing issue was still an issue when I got home! I called my Dad and had him on stand by to come out and fix it or help Mike!

M finally got home around 7:30 exhausted, but still managed to fix the issue with my Dad, which involved digging a hole to the septic tank in the backyard and almost losing my Dad's sewer camera, but it ended up fixed, the camera safe and sound and plumbing issue fixed! We have working plumbing again!!

M ended up putting is back out in the process last night so I showed him how to some yoga stretches! I tried to take pics for your viewing pleasure, but he deleted them!

So today it is gorgeous out! We managed to get some stuff done around the house!

Hope everyone has a great safe and sound Easter weekend!!

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lori said...

oh my goodness, what a day! glad your plumbing is back up and working!


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