Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was a bit rough. I ended up getting M's cold and it hit me pretty hard. It also sucked not being able to have any comfort foods or gingerale! But I survived!! I think the one thing that allowed me to survive is that we have completed this cleanse!!

We go back tonight to the naturopath!! Hoping to hear that not only has the yeast cleared up, but that my B12 and folate levels have improved!! Fingers crossed!!

Friday night was went the cold caught on, luckily after I was home from work. I played Dr. Mario against my sister over wiFi on the Wii! That was fun, we actually did that a lot this weekend!! I would have went to bed earlier though if I had any clue how rough my night was going to be. I may have cheated on the cleanse a little bit with cough syrup. But it was necessary!!

Saturday I slept in and then told my sister about a little something I had been planning... Girl's Weekend on the stateside!! We are going shopping. Can not wait!! We grabbed some groceries. M fixed my tap again in the bath tub, it went from nice, to not so nice, to redneck to ghetto now.

Sunday we went into town and watched my cousins badminton tournament. We did laundry and house work as well.

The weather was nice enough to wear my newest target purchase:

I haven't figured out why my right foot was swollen, but it is fine now!
Pretty boring weekend if you ask me, but luckily today I am feeling a bit better compared to the weekend.


Cait said...

hope your week gets better dear!! super cute blog by the way!

Murdock's mama said...

You did it!! You have so much willpower...congrats!! :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

Sarah said...

LOVE those shoes! You said Target, but they totally look like Toms! Well done!

J and A said...

Hope you feel better!! Let me know how your appt goes!! Good luck!!

Kae Schumacher said...

Oh I hope you feel better!!
Hope the appt goes well!

Katie said...

good job finishing the cleanse! and yeah for a girls weekend! love your new shoes!


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