Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I Am Loving/So What

I figured I haven't done a what I am loving post or a So What Wednesday post in a long time, so you can imagine I have quite a bit to share!!

- I am loving that the temperatures are supposed to be above 0 for a while! This makes me happy! It also means some of the snow might melt!

- I am loving that I have reached the weight loss amount of 20 pounds!! This is a huge achievement and this cleanse is still knocking them down. That is pretty much 5 pounds in a week! Crazy! But not complaining about this fact of the cleanse.

- I love all the mail I received yesterday - magazines, gifts from friends, clothing, supplements - all in one day!! Score!!

- Love this springy outfit:
Pinned Image
- This is soo sad, but true!
Pinned Image
- Love this quote:
Pinned Image
Now for a bit of So What Wednesday:
So What:
- if I ended up sitting out half of last nights Zumba class. I kept getting super hot and dizzy, by the end of the class I had the worst ear ache and ended up having a headache all night. Soo frustrating! Praying its not an ear infection!
- if I ordered some colored skinny jeans and I have to now return them... too short.... tall girl problems!! I never know with Old Navy - their tall stuff is almost too long!!
- if I feel like my tan is fading!! Why can't it just stay?
- if Pinterest and any other food I cannot eat pictures are silently killing me! I miss sugar and cheese dammit!! 3 more weeks!
- if we have to turn the clocks forward this weekend! I hate losing an hour of sleep!! I actually hate it!!


J and A said...

LOVE that outfit. I want that tank top!! So cute. I want a tan!! 20lbs!! That is amazing! good work!

Allison said...

Cute outfit! I am sooo ready for Spring!

Rachel and John said...

Wow! 20 pounds! Good Work Lady!

Kristin said...

Congrats on 20 lbs! loving that spring outfit too


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