Thursday, March 14, 2013


We have started leaving the dogs out of their room when we leave the house lately and if I can just be honest, this idea haunts me the whole time while I am away from the house!
Why you ask?
How could such a cute puppy haunt me?
Well Lily was a horrible puppy... like a Marley... speaking of Marley, she like him sooo much she ate the book. She also managed to destroy a coffee table and chew up our old kitchen floor... ya great times!!
She also had a love for shoes... never ate Daddy's, just Mommy's
 She then was kenneled when we left the house.
Once we moved to this house we decided to start leaving them in the mud room because little Miss Lily is a Houdini and can get out of her kennel... you ask how does a 100 pound dog get out of a kennel? She bends up the metal... ya, she is inventive!!
But then there was Gracie... the garden destructer, base board chewing, cable chewing puppy! When we started leaving her in her kennel we would leave a bed, because who wants to lie on plastic? Well she not only chewed her bed, she also chewed her plastic lining... who needs the toys that were left in there?
See this bed... she chewed it!!
The car is also an issue!! I am not one who leaves my dogs in the car on a hot summer day, but we did leave them in the car after popping bin a store - gone 5 minutes max to grab some water before hitting up the dog park and Gracie chewed the little plastic piece to indicate if the door is locked or not. I no longer had a manual way to unlock my door.... the worst part was we gave her praise for being soo good, only to find it later that she hadn't been!! She LOVES plastic! We don't because she gets soo sick after eating it!
Soooo needless to say I have good reason to be haunted... Or so I think!
It is a good thing they are cute!!
But I am happy to admit they have been doing a great job lately!! No complaints! I better not have just jinxed myself!



Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Taylor does great being out of her crate until the 3rd day. And then she does something bad. Because of this, she will forever be a crate dog. But she does still eat whatever is in her crate. Blankets, pillows, crate pads, towels. It is SUPER annoying and we are praying that she never gives herself a bowel obstruction. :)

J and A said...

Yup it's a good thing they are cute and we love them!

Nikki said...

Hahahahaha they sound like my Rylie! She has eaten my dining room table my base boards my shoes her bed kills her toys everything. She's my little land shark!

Leigh said...

We are really lucky...Harley barely chewed anything when he was a puppy. Okay, maybe a few things but nothing major. He is in our hallway with his dog bed everyday ever since he was a puppy and he's never destroyed his bed. Unless you consider pooping on it destroying it! Haha

Jessica said...

awe but look at that sweet face!!!but i feel you, my puppy trigger has destroyed 4 beds in the last year & i think its due to separation anxiety. Hope they grow out of it soon :)

Katie said...

those puppy pictures are SOOOOO cute!!!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

You have the sweetest dogs! And I love your header...not sure if I have ever told you that.

Murdock's mama said...

Oh this is too funny! The things we do for our dogs!! :)

Aubrey said...

Your pups are just beautiful!! Love them! :)


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