Friday, March 8, 2013

High Five

In all honesty it is kind of hard to come up with 5 awesome things this week because it has not been the best week!! Boy am I glad it is over! So I am going to scrounge up some:
1. Binx is off of her antibiotics and appears to back to her normal self.
2. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend. I hope they don't change it.
3. Just about half way through this cleanse! Yup this excites me!!
4. M got a hair cut... I get it this may be stretching it, but it does look soo much better!!
5. I have a wonderful, supportive husband and family and just with that I am soo grateful!
Just soo this post isn't completely boring I thought I would post some pics of M and I:

M and I at a Jays game in 2007, just after we were married!!
This one isn't that old.. 2 years ago.. 2 wedddings... 1 day!! We survived!
This one is from our honeymoon in Dominican! We swam with the dolphins - AMAZING!!
January 2008
Pinned Image
Hoping everyone has a great weekend!!


J and A said...

Fun photos! I hope you have a great weekend and next week is better than this! YAY Binx! Glad she is back to normal!

Susannah said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough week. Hopefully this weekend and next week are 100 times better!


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