Friday, May 17, 2013

Shoes Shoes and more Shoes!!

The long weekend has arrived!!! 

Today I was supposed to o meet my sister in town to pick up my shoes that we ordered together, but instead I'm blogging now instead of later! My car battery is dead!! Soo annoying!!! So my awesome MIL is going to meet them instead!! 

Life just doesn't go as planned!!! 

Anyways, I will put all of my frustrations aside for the time being. Last night I took the dogs into M's ball game! It was a bit better than last weeks... A bit!! Maybe Gracie's face can explain it...
She was a bit disappointed... And soo serious! 

After the game we stopped at the bank to deposit Mike's cheques and sure enough a new ice cream joint opened up!! Time To Chill is the name and it was amazing!! Soo many flavours to choose from including my Favorite!! High Roller!! I also tried a caramel caribou trail!
I'm sure this will become our new weekly stop!! Makes watching this team more worth while!! 

I also think I need to share the shoes that I'm awaiting!! 


My feet are soo incredibly picky and sensitive!! Blisters form at the site of new shoes... My sister highly recommended the first 3, so we will see!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Stay safe!! 




Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Cute shoes! Hope they keep your feet blister free!

That sucks about the car battery but yay for awesome MILs!

Mmmm ice cream! I think a trip to Menchies might be in order this weekend.

J and A said...

Mmmmmm I want ice cream now!!! Live those last shoes. Enjoy your weekend!

Nathan R said...

Nothing like Ice Cream after a game!

Katie said...

cute shoes! I think the last ones are my favorite!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

That ice cream looks delish! Cute shoes. I like the 1st ones.

Katie said...

Cute shoes!! I totally know how it goes with blisters and new shoes. Ugh!

Emmett Katherine said...

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend! Bummer your battery died, hopefully you didn't have to wait too long to get a boost!


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