Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sleep Over Time

Today I have Hannah and Brandon for a sleep over! Let the fun begin!!

The dogs are in their element with the kids around, Gracie is on Cloud nine and Lily is loving the snuggles! 

We did playtime, groceries, and lunch! 

Right now it's nap time.... For everyone!! Brandon is in his pack and play and out for the count within 5 minutes... Love blinds I can see through on the French door in the mudroom and Hannah is in our bed pinned in place by Lily and Gracie!! The cats are the just starting to come out of hiding and I'm sitting down for some lunch! 

Tonight we have swimming and maybe a dip in the "cool" tub as Hannah calls the hot tub. 

Tomorrow we have the park, visit M at work so Hannah can drive the tractors! 

So bare with me, my blogging tomorrow may not happen!! 

I plan to snap a picture of Hannah and the dogs sleeping!! 

An update on the missing man I mentioned yesterday.... They found him and unfortunately it was not "the best case scenario". They have yet to identify him, but they are sure it was him since he was found on the arrested guys farm. Soo sad!! 

I will be honest these things scare me now! I sent M to go pick up stairs for out pool from a guy on kijiji and the whole time he was gone I was worrying! I felt a sense of relief when he called me on his way home!

Please pray for this family mourning the loss of a father, a husband, a son and soo much more!!

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J and A said...

Have a great time!!! I love sleepover with my niece! So fun!!


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