Monday, May 13, 2013


My weekend was good over all. Friday night was baseball. Their game was here in the village and they won! 22-7!!! It was pouring out every time the other team took the field and pretty much stopped when ours did for the whole game! It was like someone turning a tap on and off! 

Saturday I was a bump on a log, but managed o put myself together for dinner and then forgot to take a pic! It was cold out so I wore my brown knee high boots and an oatmeal sweater dress! We chose to eat at Swiss Chalet - we didn't want to drive 30 min to a bigger city for more selection but it was great! It was our first time in the new restaurant! I ended up going to bed with the worst headache though! 

Sunday morning the headache was still kicking but luckily it subsided! I had a photo shoot planned with the fire department! The weather was horrible! Rain, SNOW, ice pellets, wind, freezing rain, you get the nasty picture! I got a lot of great photos. It was great to see the guys working together, the team work, and the thoughts behind the action. It made me personally proud to know that these guys have got each others backs! It was reassuring to know that my husband is part of that! That our community has these men to help keep them safe! 

I also took a nasty fall this weekend! 30% of my body is bruised! Actually most of my right side! Think black and blue... Luckily it's not swimsuit season or shorts or tank tops... Heck even t-shirts season today. It is cooooold!!! 

There is one last thing that I want to mention today! Please be careful when selling or buying things online! A man is currently missing in our area after trying to sell his truck online! He took 2 guys for a test drive and never came home! A week a go today! They arrested a man on Saturday and found his truck in a trailer on Sunday, but still haven't found him or the other suspect! 

Please be careful!!! 

Please pray for this family! The man is 32 with a wife and 2 year old!!! 


Aubrey said...

Oh my goodness, that is so sad about that missing mad :(

Hoping your not feeling to sore from that fall - you poor thing!!

Aubrey said...

oops... man, not mad!

J and A said...

Yikes! Hope you are ok!! how did you fall? Boo to the weather!! We are always so opposite for weather! Very scary about that man!!

Katie said...

OH, that is HORRIBLE! That is exactly why I do not sell things on Craigslist. I tried it once, and everyone who wrote me wanted to meet me at my house, or have me send them my bank account info so they could "direct deposit" the payment. Right. There are too many sick people out there. You can't trust anyone.


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