Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Soo happy that May has arrived!! This means more warm weather and well what can I say... she is starting it off right with a sunny 22!!
This month starts off ball season!!! I love watching me some ball!! It sucks not playing this year, but I will get over it!! M has a game tomorrow night and Friday night!!
I have started a new book after finishing the one I mentioned yesterday! If you missed it, check out the review! You won't want to miss it! I have started The Memory Keeper's Daughter while soaking up the sun in my porch rocker!

Yesterday I braved a new hair dresser and I am not sorry!! I am soo happy with how it turned out!!
Minus the car pic quality... clearly there is some work to do on self portraits! ha!
 I am looking forward to enjoying the nice weather May is going to bring! More on that to come!

Also I have my sister in full swing with her jewelry store!! She only has 5 necklaces to make me right now! Can't wait to share her new designs with you all!! And maybe a little give away to kick things off!! What do you think?


J and A said...

Yes to a giveaway. I love her stuff. I liked that book, hard to read at times but really good. Enjoy the sun!!

Hilary said...

I like your hair! You have to see the movie now that you've read the book, too.

Leah said...

Love your hair!!

Katie said...

i read that book awhile ago but think i really liked it! and love your hair!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great book!!

Your hair looks great! Love the waves!


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