Thursday, May 16, 2013


I am reading: The Memory Keeper's Daughter.... I am only on page 52... hopefully I will get back to it now!

Listening to:
Missy Higgins - Where I Stood
Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band:
Thinking About: Editing the pictures I took on the weekend. Or suntanning!
Loving: That the long weekend is here!! The weather. My family and friends
Drinking: Somersby Ciders, M&M Peach Juice and loving water lately!
Watching: Chicago Fire, bummed with the series finale of 90210, Grey's Anatomy, I started watching the original 90210 on netflix, and The Voice.
Missing: The kids!! It was soo much fun to have them around!!

And the dogs miss Hannah too!!!

(Gracie managed to get on my duvet.... little bum!)
Need to: Do some sewing and figure out what to bake for heading to the lake on Sunday!! I also need to figure out outfits I can wear that will hide this bruising.... the weather is warm - not long sleeve and pant weather now! No complaints though!
Cooking: It's BBQ season!! So I am really just making a lot of salads, pasta salads, different ways to make potatoes and baking!
Yesterday the dogs loved those peanut butter banana cookies!! I'm not sure if they like them cooked more or just the dough!!
Very Grateful: For the little things in life. The smiles, the hand holding, the late night chats with my husband. The snuggles with my pets. Since that man went missing, it's makes you realize how short life can be and that even though you may not like where you are this life stage, you have your husband, your family, your pets and your friends! Makes you hold on to them a little tighter during times like these!

Looking Forward To: These bruises being gone so I can sleep on my right side again!! The long weekend and some lake time, although the boat isn't in the water yet. Just being down there is soo relaxing!! Oh and the weather is supposed to actually be nice on a May 24! That never happens!
Creating: some more sewing projects!!
Planning: on putting the pool up in the back yard... we have finally come to an agreement. Putting up the kitchen back splash!

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J and A said...

GREAT post. So much fun stuff and to look forward to! I hope your bruises go away soon. YAY to nice weather and the long weekend! Enjoy every minute of it. :) Such a great photos with the kids!


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