Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty great.... But before we get there, I just want to share some advice... Do not watch Duck Dynasty before bed... You will dream about it and those dreams are wacked! Just sayin'!! I wasn't even watching it per say, I was editing photos! 

Friday night was ball... They won!!! 21-18!! 

Saturday M had to work. Fingers crossed it was the last one until fall!! Our backyard is calling him!! While he was working, I was tidying up the house! While tidying the giraffes in the dining room took a hike to storage in the basement! 

I also gave my hair a super quick curl and it worked!! Loved it!! 

N & M came over!! It had been way to long since we last hung out, but it was fun just as usual! We had steak, Caesar potatoes, and green beans. It was great! Nicole brought pie for dessert, along with a brownie for her as she is gluten-free. We decided to play dice poker after dinner: 

And us girls won the game!!!!


Sunday M and I headed into town because we needed to buy balls for the ball team, so we hit up the grocery store, as well as Home Depot to but paint! The dining room wall is hopefully going to be painted this week!! Can't wait to get started on it!! 

I had the flash on my camera so the colors look a bit more vibrant than they actually are! We went with West Coast Grey! Our walls are Melted Butter! (Looks more like whisper yellow in he above pic, because of the flash!)

We also planted our planters with veggies! We didn't end up painting them, but they are at least planted! We will see if it works!! We planted corn, carrots, lettuce, beans and watermelon. 

Then I spent the remainder of my afternoon editing photos from the firefighters training! 


Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


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J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Looks like you had fun playing that game!! :) Can't wait to see how the painting goes!!


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