Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 24!

Wow what a great weekend!!

Friday night was baseball... They did well, until they found out the score and fell apart right after and experienced their first loss of the season!! After the game we had a bonfire! Oh how I miss those all year round!! Soo relaxing!!


Saturday M had to work, so Binx and I cuddled up and watched The Notebook! Believe it or not this is the first time I had watched t! It was great!! 


When M got home we popped into town to grab some supplies for cherry cheesecake! Instead of our traditional photo I thought we would have fun with it, I was making a funny face too but was too busy laughing at M's! 


We had dinner at M & J's and then had a bonfire sipping on Somersby! Might just be my favorite summer drink this year!!


Sunday we were up early and off to the lake! 

It was super bright out and hazy!! But a perfect day it was!! The new gazebo was put up and M installed new floors in the hut! The boat wasn't in the water yet, but hopefully soon!! 

A sweet little goose family came to visit!! The littlest one was my fav!! Soo small compared to the rest!! 


And the dogs were busy! 


We had dinner at the Turkey Point Hotel and headed home! The girls were pooched and snuggling in the back!
Yesterday M had to work, so I got some housework done around the house! It was super hot out! no complaints!! We got a thunderstorm last night and Binx was going bonkers. Just screeching all evening. I heard this weird scraping noise from what I thought was the rain hitting the screen door, so I went to check on it and sure enough I saw this bat crawling out from behind the picture!! I freaked!! 


Binx was trying to climb the wall and continued her vocal abilities! I yelled at Mike to get up here fast and he assumed it was nothing but heard the fear in my voice and ran upstairs (he was in the basement). I made him take the picture and pass me Binx and we went and hid in the bedroom. M said it was easy to catch it and he let it back outside!! Creepy!! I was creeped out all night!! 

I figure it got in via our laundry! We left it on the line overnight on Friday night because it wasn't dry yet and then it rained Saturday morning. M fixed my car and then took the clothes off the line for me and obviously didn't shake them out! 

I'm hoping the bat is good luck! We had one at wedding reception too!! 

Today I'm off to Costco before we run out of toilet paper! I might have to hit up Target too!! 


J and A said...

LOVE bonfires!! They are the best. EWWWWW to the bat!! :( Hope it does not come back!! Glad you had a great weekend.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

If two dogs can look that tired, you know it's been a good weekend. :) Loved those pics on instagram!


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