Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Noah - 8 Months

15 lbs 9 oz -  7 months
16 lbs 8 oz - 8 months

27.5 inches

Sleeping: No complaints in the sleep department! Noah has been spoiling me with sleep ins till 9 AM and his napping is still hit and miss. He is typically ready for bath, last feed and bed by 7:30/7:45 PM

Feeding: Noah is nursing every 3-4 hours, sometimes 5 hour stretches, but more consistently 4 hours! I have given up pumping every evening now. He loves eating solids! As time goes by, nursing in public settings or around others is getting to be pretty challenging, as it distracts Noah. Luckily he enjoys having juice in a bottle or sippy cup now, so that will work during those hard to nurse times! He is not so keen on water yet! We have been struggling with finding a sippy cup that doesn't leak, I finally found a transition cup that can go to a bottle nipple or a sippy cup style which is the latch by munchkin and it doesn't leak!! I also bought a few more avent bottles for juice, as he really likes them - they are just his size!

Foods Noah tried this month: 
- chicken
- kiwi
- yogurt
- chickpeas
- turnip
- pumpkin
- vanilla (yogurt) 
- strawberries

Clothing: Ugh I pulled out another box of clothes from Noah's drawers that do not fit anymore!! His sleepers are mostly 6 months, but he is starting to get too long for some of them! Much to my surprise 9 month sleepers are fitting him now too!! But with that being said, they are super roomy!! I'm finding 6 month pants are starting to get short, or at least some of them! 

Diapers: Noah is still sporting size 2's! But I did by some 3's for the future that I found on sale! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: Noah has hit the 10th percentile for weight, so the doctor is happy to see that, as that is where he was apparently at when he was born. Although we have always been told the 3rd.... But whatever. He is in the 50th percentile for length! He still has a flat spot on his head, but she is not concerned at this point. We go back next month to see both her and the pediatrician. 

Nicknames: Stretch, No Nap Noah, Little Bird, Sir, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Man, Bunny, Little Man,  Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: His hands, and he also likes to eat his feet now too! His fleece blankets, his lovey bears, snuggles, his turtle, his exersaucer, walks in the stroller, jolly jumper, Lux, Jazz, Grace and Lily. Noah loves seeing himself. Noah wants to stand all the time now or sit. He loves eating!! He loves reaching and grabbing everything he shouldn't and he loves watching football on Sundays! He also loves the remote control or pretty much anything he should have!!

Dislikes: The snot sucker! Oh boy does he hate that thing! Noah also hates being done eating! This kid would eat non-stop and end up with a huge belly ache if I'd let him, which we did try so see if he was actually still hungry, but nope he will keep going and still cry when finished! He also did not like turnip one bit!

Fur Baby Update: Gracie is more and more interested in Noah everyday, although being at the farm she is super jealous of the attention Noah gets. I think because it used to be her attention! She has been testing me lately while we are here, thinking she doesn't have to listen to me... She will be in for a rude awakening when we go home and a) she has no choice to listen to me (which she doesn't really have a choice here either, but she thinks she does) b) she won't be following Grandma around for extra attention - her name should be shadow! The cats are all the same, although Lux still comes to Noah for attention. 

Personality/Events: Noah got his first cold this past month! He is pretty much the happiest sick person I know! Yes, he has his melt downs and short temper, but overall, he was just as smiley as ever despite feeling crumby!

Noah went to St. Jacobs Market for the first time this month too!! It was such a great day, I really think he enjoyed taking in the new sights, and sounds! 

We got not one, but two pearly whites at once at 33 weeks, which explained his cranky outbursts! His two upper front teeth are breaking through! The one on the right more so than the one on the left! Poor baby!! All while we were in the process of moving out of the house, which is another thing that happened! We are living at the farm for a few weeks while our back end of the house gets a new roof/ceilings - redone! 

Noah outgrew his swing at the farm, it has officially been put away! He thought he could just sit up in it and I feared he would tip out of it! He doesn't even try that in the mamaroo! We are also putting away his bouncy seat, as he sits up in it too!! Looks like my house will be a little less cluttered with big baby stuff, but exchanged for baby toys!

Mommy & Daddy Update: Things are going well. Obviously not being at home has it's challenges, but we are just grateful to have to somewhere to go that isn't a hotel! As much as I said I missed having Noah in our room, now that he is back in our room and isn't sleeping as well, I miss him having his own room, where he would settle himself in the middle of the night, but now knows we are in the same room, so he waits for us to tend to him! Stinker! 

We left Noah for a whole afternoon/evening for the first time. We all survived. Although Noah did cry himself to sleep and therefore I was ready to leave the wedding that was an hours away. I know this was good for us in the long run, but there is no way I'm even close to being ready for an all nighter away. I missed him like crazy. 


J and A said...

So glad he is doing so great! 9am! That's amazing!! D slept in this weekend which was awesome, I hate having to wake her on work days though!! Noah is so cute with the pups@ LOVE. And love the backdrop on his newest photo shoot!

Hilary said...

1. We have the NUK sippy cups (stage 1; we have stage 2 & 3 as well but haven't used them yet) and it does pretty well about leaking. The mouthpiece on it is rubber and has to be sucked on for anything to come out. I can't get Beckett interested in it yet, though. He just likes to chew the rubber but doesn't want to drink out of it yet.
2. Beckett is long and thin in the waist, too. The best jammies for his fit that we've found have been from The Children's Place. They seem to be long and skinny.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So smiley!! This is such a fun age!! Leo hates any/all zippy cups. I'm really going to have to work on that this month. I like the playtex sippy cups and Life Factory bottles/sippy cup.


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