Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Another chilly damp weekend it was, which ultimately means we decided to forgo the pumpkin patch! M and I discussed it and with how windy it was this weekend, and crummy, Noah was a bear because of teething, we decided it was best to not expose him to the weather. He won't remember this year at all, but we will take some pictures here at the farm and do a pumpkin patch next year when he will get more out of it!

Friday we finally watched Frozen! Noah's first Disney movie and he actually watched it and enjoyed it! He would kick and dance to the songs, stop dead and stare at the screen during certain parts, soo cute!! I can say I finally saw it and enjoyed it as well!! 

Saturday we had a nice low key day together as a family! As I mentioned earlier, Noah was a bear, he didn't sleep well Friday night, actually none of us did! So he napped a few extra times in the day to try to bring him out of his mood, but overall it didn't really work! I did get started on making his banner for his baptism!

We went to the house to take a few things back and pick up a few things and decided to take Noah's 8 month photos! He wasn't overly smiley, but we also didn't have time to really try to get him to smile because it was soo cold in the house with it being exposed to the outdoor temps! So we snapped a few and headed back to the farm. You will see those tomorrow! 

We got dinner going, fed the little man and played for a bit with the dogs. It was good downtime together! Mike got Noah ready for his bath and I pretty much saved M's day because as he was carrying him to the bathtub I thought it looked like Noah was was trying to poop and sure enough... Mike panicked, which was priceless but handled it! Then before M put him in the bath he peed all over Mike too! Soo funny! 

He didn't go down very well Saturday night, I ended up dancing around the room with him to the country radio station and luckily got him down! M had already tried for over 45 minutes and I got him down in 10 minutes! 

He actually slept really well Saturday night, as did M and I! 

Sunday morning Noah was in a great mood, so we snapped some pics with my back drop quickly while he was in good spirits and all was well until about 11:30 and that is when all hell broke loose. Noah refused to nap, became super whiney and miserable and M and I were scrounging to solve each issue as they came up. I did manage to get most of Noah's baptism banner done at least! 

We were supposed to goto town to pick paint chips and railing but we were afraid to goto town with such a cranky baby, but by 4:00 he was no better, so off to town we went and he was pretty much asleep by the time we pulled out of the driveway!! Why didn't we do this sooner??

Better yet, one of the stores we needed to goto was closed, so we attempted to make due with where we went, but overall weren't overly impressed! Luckily they are nowhere near ready for any of that. Noah woke up while we were in town. We grabbed pizza on our way home and the monkey fell back asleep. So in order to ensure a full half hour nap, I dropped M off at the farm with dinner and went driving around the village with Noah, then decided to off road a bit:

Can you believe we have never had to drive around to make Noah sleep before this!? Luckily gas is cheaper right now haha!

Success! Noah napped for the half hour and was in much better spirits! Our evening went pretty smoothly, although both M and I were nervous about bedtime, so we teamed up. Apparently M took some notes on my dancing skills and danced Noah to sleep!

Surprisingly enough, Noah actually slept well!! Fingers crossed for a good day today! We have Play and Learn this morning and then a costco trip to order the little mans cake for his baptism!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


J and A said...

Silly no napper!! We have had those day for sure!! I am the weather gets better for you! Love the start to the banner!

Murdock's mama said...

I can't stop laughing at the pre-bath story!!! :)

Leigh said...

It definitely wasn't the nicest weekend weather wise there...though Sunday was pretty sunny, just cold!


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