Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday's Things

Nothing better than a random post on a Thursday right? Right...

But before we get into that, I just want to take a minute and touch on the events that happened in our province yesterday. Yesterday a Canadian soldier was shot on duty while guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier - a true tragedy and act of terrorism - why we do not know. But a child lost his father, a mother lost his son and the world lost a hero. These things happen in this world, but they tend not to happen HERE! This leaves our province and our country in a state of shock. These men and women put their lives on the line every day for us! This man's family probably assumed he would be safe in our own country, however, it just goes to show that no one really is! Praying for his family, and friends and the protection of those who protect us every single day!

Here we go:

1} I killed a raccoon on Tuesday night. It was traumatic. It was dark. I had just pulled out of the driveway at the farm to go and pick up the girls to head into town for girls night in my MIL's vehicle and heard a huge thump. I panicked, turned around to see what I hit and sure enough a big fat raccoon. I pulled back into the farm to check for damage, which luckily there was none, just my pride. I cried when a bird hit my windshield once... but for some reason I didn't react that way about the raccoon, but I was a bit shook up!

2} My car is broken again... it is making crazy noises that seem to be getting worse! Hopefully M will get it looked at soon!

3} My jamberry nails came in from the party I hosted - 15 sets of nails!!! Needless to say I have plenty of options, on top of the original 4 I ordered!

(two aren't pictured because they are gifts!)

4} Noah is working on teething again and is hit and miss with his moods lately!! We did make it out to Play Group on Monday and Songs and Stories at the library yesterday - both of which he seemed to enjoy! 

5} The weather has finally brought us some sun!! FINALLY my roof is getting done!! Open concept anyone:

These guys were fast - new trusses were just about all up by 3:30!! 

Birds eye view:

It is very weird seeing my house like this, but I am excited to see progress and after the roof goes up, they can get to work on the inside with no weather delays! 

6} I curled my hair with a hair straightener yesterday and actually had success!! And it didn't take long at all!! Of course I failed to take a picture - maybe today! 

7} Today we are going to head to a pumpkin patch after all, but with friends instead! The weather is much nicer now and I think it will be a fun fall outting! 

8} Noah's baptism is this weekend!! I can hardly believe it is the end of October!! Where did this month go? 

9} Speaking of Noah, I will of course share one more serious face of the week:

10} The little man tried grapes yesterday and loved them!! 

11} My phone is driving me crazy. I cannot get over how SLOW it is!! I even cleared off all the pictures... 

And we will leave off with an odd number today! Just because!

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J and A said...

That is a lot of jamberry! You will be set for ever!! Darn car, I hate then they aren't doing their job!! :(


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