Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was super busy, but super productive in the packing department!! We officially move out Tuesday night, over to the farm we go! We are looking at being there for about 3 weeks! Luckily M's parents have given us a room to use and we will be taking our bed, along with Noah's parafenalia! We were planning on staying in a trailer, but M's Dad wasn't keen on that idea, so we came up with the alternate plan!

Friday night we came up with our game plan and took it easy! M got home late from work and we just enjoyed some family time! 

Saturday we began packing! M got the garage all cleaned out and we started moving the extra furniture out there that we didn't need! We made up those nectarines we bought at the market into baby food for Noah, took down the art work and then decided to run into town, grab dinner and some groceries! 

Noah was a sport! Apparently I need to make a trip to Costco and Old Navy or the mall and find the little man some warm fall outdoor wear or a snow suit! Because we have officially hit cooler weather than we are able to dress for! 

Infact come Sunday morning the heat was turned on in our house! Yes I try to hold out until the end of the month, but clearly having a baby in the house doesn't allow me to be stubborn in that department anymore! 

Sunday morning we bundled up and headed to help Daddy at the fireman's breakfast! My sister and her little fam jam came and we had a quick visit at home afterwards in our chaotic mess!! After they left, M and I got right back to work packing up the kitchen cupboards, the bathroom, etc. 

Then between naps for Noah we took turns working outside! I cut the lawn and M put away all the lawn furniture! Two big jobs we won't have to worry about, we will just have the gardens to cut back, which we do on an upcoming weekend! 

Luckily my back seems to be okay now, still not sure what I did to create the pain last week! 

Noah did wake up from one of his naps on the wrong side... Or something was off because he was soo very angry! We assume his mouth was sore, although we still don't see any teeth! But it took a good 40 minutes to calm him down and it took a football game to help our cause too!!

M's parents stopped over on their way home from the lake to see how we made out this weekend and to go over the plan for the next few days for moving over there and ended up staying for a ribs dinner! After they left we got settled into our evening routine and relaxed after another busy busy weekend! 

The next few days will be a little tricky for getting everyone situated and us settled in at the farm. The pets are all moving tomorrow and Tuesday we will make the move! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Ypu guys sound busy! I hope the move goes good for you. Love Noah's fireman pjs :-)

J and A said...

Oh my gosh that's a lot of work!! Hope it's all worth it very soon!! LOVE all his big smiles!!

Hilary said...

Wow - I didn't realize it was such a big repair - packing up your cabinets???

& wow - it must be cold there! We're just starting to pull out our pants & jackets, and we opened the windows last night, but it's supposed to be back in the 80's this week.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Woah! Sounds crazy stressful! I guess a new roof is a lot of work! Hope the move goes smoothly and everyone adjusts easily. I'm exhausted just reading what you did all weekend!

Poor Noah! Sounds like teeth. Leo had a rough day today and I'm sure he's cutting another tooth soon.

I turned the heat on last month but it's off now. I'm stubborn also! Fireplace was on this morning though!


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