Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh. Hey. Friday!

Another rainy Friday... Or at least that is what they are calling for. Which means not a heck of a lot has happened on the home front this week! So we can basically add on a week to the projected finish date!

Something's that happened this week:

This little boy turned 8 months old yesterday!! This mama is in shock!! He is becoming such a little person now and less and less of an itty bitty baby!! 

I finally got a hair cut! I was overdue and couldn't put it off for another week, when I broke my comb in the shower!! Damn tangles!! My hair feels soo much more healthy now!!

I think M and I may have picked colors for the great room/kitchen and bathroom! You *might* have seen them last week!! 

This weekend we will hopefully be hitting up a pumpkin patch to start a tradition with Noah!! I think the weather will co-operate! 

And lastly I will share one more pic of Noah wearing the cutest hat!! Can't get enough of him!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that last photo, way too cute!! Your hair looks great! Have a good weekend :-)

Murdock's mama said...

Boo for rain! {we've actually had quite a bit here too} Have fun at the pumpkin patch! :)

Kelly Mock said...

Great pics! Love the hat!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh no!! Stop it rain!!

Your hair looks great!! Love Noah's hat!

Aubrey said...

He gets cuter with every passing month!

J and A said...

You hair looks great!! And that hat is too cute on the cutest little man!! I hope the rain has stopped!! :(


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