Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind

I hope all my fellow Canadian friends and followers had a great thanksgiving weekend! I know we did!!

Friday night we did thanksgiving with M's parents before they headed to the lake for the weekend. We did chicken instead of turkey, which was fine by me, since I am not a huge turkey fan!! 

Saturday M went to the house to grab some laundry for me to do. It was actually a really nice day, perfect for hanging out the laundry! M was gone for most of the morning doing a backhoe job in the village, levelled out our driveway and of course got a fire call. Noah and I spend the morning doing laundry and tidying up. When M got back, we made a trip to the house all together to grab a few more things and take a few things back home. Like I had mentioned before it is very hard to guess what you will need or not need - luckily we don't live far, just around the corner! 

We got right to baking after we made Noah some fresh pumpkin! He loved it! I was surprised with how much pumpkin we got from this little pie pumpkin, so with the extra from freezing 2 trays of pumpkin, we decided to make pumpkin tarts from scratch - something neither M or I have done! M actually sent me to Pinterest!! However we couldn't find a recipe we loved, so we decided to accumulate a few different versions we found! I will share the recipe this week on the blog!! They turned out great for the most part, except for the extra shells we had baked for the raspberry tarts, we didn't want to waste so we put pumpkin in them and the shells were then over-cooked. We made 33 pumpkin tarts, 42 raspberry tarts, a lemon meringue pie and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

Sunday morning I was up early, got myself ready for a busy day ahead! I even tried a Pinterest inspired hair do, not that I took a picture of my hair... But this is what I did: 

Soo simple and easy to do! 

Noah decided to sleep in until 9:20, which threw off our whole morning, as we were supposed to be meeting sweet baby Maeve at 9:30! We made it there by 10:30, by the time we got Noah fed and ready, all packed up for a busy day and then to the house to get M clothes! 

We had a quick visit with K and S, the baby and W! Oh my goodness I have baby fever all over again! I totally forget Noah being that small - he's only 8 months old this week!! 

Noah slept the whole way to my Mom's which was about an hour. My Mom had a list of stuff she wanted M's help with, so I fed Noah while he tackled that. We were there for about an hour and then headed to Target because this little boy has very few long sleeve shirts for fall and Target had buy one get one 50% off thier packs of Carter's! So we found a few sets, some bibs and bottles for him. He's been really like the Avent bottles for juice, and we only had 1, so we bought a two pack we found on clearance! 

Up next we hit up Costco! I made it in and out in 15 minutes! I found some adorable outfits for a sweet baby girl I know, got Noah an adorable baseball outfit, a blanket, chocolate chips, kitty litter, inquired about cake for the baptism, and a few more things. Not exactly a typical costco trip, but I know I will be going next week for sure to order the cake, so I just got what I needed! 

Then we were off to our big family dinner at my Aunts! Noah was great! Such a champ! He was passed around, fought over with rock, paper scissors as to who could hold him next, but he hardly fussed at all until it was bedtime, which was time for us to go anyways! Dinner was great, the company was fun as usual and we were all tired when we got home! 

Yesterday we spent the morning tidying up, brushed the cats, gave everyone pawdicures, folded a ton of laundry, made another trip to the house... It was a nice low key day! Our house is looking like this: 

Noah enjoyed some playtime with Gracie: 

Today Noah has his 8 month doctors appointment, we have a little running around to do and then I will be closing my jamberry nails party. I also have my Zumba class to hit up in the evening! A busy day it will be!! 


J and A said...

Sounds like a good week! Look at all the baking! yum. I need to bake! That hairdo is so pretty, may have to try! I always forget to try updos. 8 months! SO crazy.

Aubrey said...

Love Noah's sweater!!

Sara McCarty said...

Oh my goodness, he is adorable in that little sweater! And the dog pictures...kill me now. LOVE.


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