Tuesday, October 7, 2014

That Time... I Don't Really Want to Talk About

So we are pretty much moved out of the house now, with just a few things left to go to the farm!

Yesterday we hit the Baby Group in the morning in the village and it was actually quite busy! Noah had fun up until he needed a nap and promptly did so in his stroller! 

M's Mom came over to help me afterwards and we pretty much finished packing up the loose ends in the kitchen aside from Noah's stuff we would be needing at the farm! It's soo hard to guess what we might or might not need! Luckily we are just around the corner if we forget something, not to mention there is no way I can plan my own wardrobe for 3 weeks! This girl needs options! 

So we packed up all the pets stuff into M's Mom car, loaded in the dogs and I sent Jazz with her too, knowing she maybe moody, but was harmless and the easiest! I also needed Jazz out of the house because she was meowing soo loud locked in the bathroom, she woke up Noah. 

On to the part I would rather not discuss: 

I planned to pack up Noah and the two other cats with me. I loaded Noah in the car and went and got Lux from the bathroom, we made it out the door only for him to get spooked because my crazy neighbour was doing something and peed all over me! Disgusting!! Luckily I had just trimmed his nails and only made out with a small scratch. 

So I went and changed, washed my hands and went back for Binx. She usually loves going outside, especially this time of the year to chase leaves, but once again, made it out the door and she peed too! I quickly put her down and didn't end up soaked like previous, regrouped, picked her back up and loaded her in the car too! 

I can't believe the cats peed on me, not one cat, but them both! They have never been that dramatic about leaving the house! Lux sat on my lap the whole way over to the farm quivering (once again soo happy it wasn't far), Binx is known to put the windows down, sit in the dash, you name it she is wild. The windows remained locked, she did end up on the dash, but spent most of the time looking out the window and meowing at me the whole time! 

Needless to say Daddy will be bring them home when the time comes! 

Them it came down to leaving the house for dinner last night and Noah had a full fledge melt down. Major case of the Mondays here, add in all these changes and it's a sure set up for disaster zone! Poor boy is just out of sorts! 

This morning Noah was being a stinker again and wouldn't let me put him down when he work up at 7! We don't do 7! I don't and he definitely doesn't! So everytime I would get him back to sleep (which actually wasn't hard) and went to put him down and would wake up screaming, so we did this cycle until 8 AM when I finally had enough, laid him in bed with me and told him he would have to deal! He laid there quietly and promptly fell asleep! All was well until it came to him waking up and me taking him out of bed and he screamed! Apparently he wasn't ready to get up, because I put him back and he stopped crying! So he laid there for 20 minutes and then laid on the couch for another 10! Lazy bum! I think he is just clinging to what he is used to! Luckily our bed is coming with us! Hopefully this whole situation gets easier on him! 

So today is our last day in the house, bittersweet, but excited to have a safe house again! It is just such a big and risky job. Pray for sunshine and no rain when that roof comes off!! I will be sure to take pictures along the way. God only knows what they will find! 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Goodness!! It's crazy how intuitive cats are. Poor things.

Poor Noah! I did have to laugh at you not wanting to get up at 7am!! Hahahahahaha!! 7am is practically sleeping in here! If Audrey sleeps in till 8, she won't nap. Leo has been sleeping in till 8 but then it throws off our whole day and we can't go anywhere because his nap takes up the whole morning. I'm not complaining, since he's a good napper, but we really have to plan things out or else it's crazy.

Hope the reno goes smoothly. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have the roof of your house taken off.


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