Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thanks on Thursday

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, I figure I would share a few things that I am soo very thankful for this year!!

As I mentioned last year, Thanksgiving is the anniversary of our first failed ivf cycle, so I tend to get a little emotional when I think back to that hard time when I struggled to give thanks for anything because I was just in a bad frame of mind trying to understand infertility. Don't get wrong I was thankful for the usual, but my heart was aching in a way too many people know who walk the road of infertility, when every holiday comes up and you are still waiting, wishing and dreaming. 

The next couple of years were better, but last year was definitely amazing. Last year I felt my sweet baby kicking away and I had never felt more thankful for anything. Our family was finally growing and we were able to celebrate with our whole family!

This year will be a whole new feeling, introducing my sweet baby boy to thanksgiving. A weekend filled with love, family, great food (which I guess I will take turnip off his menu for this weekend after a negative reaction last night) and thankful hearts! 

So on to what I am thankful for:

I am thankful for our health. After my Mom's health scare last year, it reminds me that our days are not guaranteed. No one knows what the next day brings. This weekend we will celebrate being able to be all together. I know a lot of family members will be missed, especially my grandmother, as this will be the first thanksgiving with her gone. 

I am obviously thankful for our little miracle Noah! The joy he has brought into our lives is incredible. His smile touches everyone he sees and his eyes just light a room! I know it wasn't an easy journey to get him here, but it was well worth it. He is the best, happiest baby I know. (I know I'm biast, but can you blame me).

I am thankful for my husband. Not only is he a great partner in crime, but he is an amazing father too!! I I've watching him with Noah, seeing how excited they both get at the end of a busy day. I am thankful for M for providing for us, so that I am able to stay home with Noah. So far it is going well and a job I wear proudly, being a stay at home mom definitely has it's challenges but I absolutely love this job!! 

I am thankful for our family's who continue to offer us support, advice, heck even a roof over our head while we are kicked out of our house. We are blessed with having all of our loved ones in our life! I always look forward to our big crazy family get togethers, the food, the company, you name it! 

I am thankful for our friends who also offer us support and advice. My girls group especially, it is soo great being able to go through these life stages together with us all at each other's side! Maybe we aren't ALL crazy!! 

I am thankful for Gracie, Lily, Jazz, Lux and Binx. They have adapted soo well to our newest addition and I love how they all interact with Noah in their own ways!! I can't wait to see each any everyone of them develop stronger bonds with Noah. Not to mention how patient that have been with receiving a little less attention than they are used to!! 

I feel like I am forgetting soo many things but I have at least listed the most important to me in my life right this minute!! 


Aubrey said...

Love this!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

We have so much to be thankful for.

Noah looks like M in that first picture as a newborn!

Crazy how last thanksgiving we had little baby bumps and this year big, bouncing baby boys!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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