Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Little Love On Wednesday

Well to start off this post, we are getting some amazing weather!! We couldn't be happier with all this sunshine and warmth!! It has allowed for lots of trips to the parks and warm walks! 

Granted the dogs didn't love that Noah was walking on his own during yesterday's walk because we were moving at a snails pace as he took in all the scenery!!

But he didn't have any complaints until it came time to come home and go inside!! This kid loves being outside!! 

Yesterday I tried making the Easter marshmallow bark... It was a visual fail!! But man did it ever taste good!! I especially liked it fresh out of the freezer!! 

It definitely didn't spread out very nicely or smoothly... 

I am loving that we are going to start breaking Noah into his 18 month wardrobe!! Yes the 12 months still fit, but some are getting soo small in length! Anything 12-18 months is perfect! 

I am loving watching Mike plan a double date with his buddy... So far he has picked a restaurant I wouldn't like, which luckily he changed that, then last night both guys thought we should go see Fast and Furious 7 after going out for dinner, which both me and his buddies wife were like "really?!?!" So now that have planned going to a centre where we can do bowling, mini golf or rock climbing after dinner. If this doesn't have man planned all over it then I don't know what does hahah. I'm sure it will be fun! 

I am loving that this weekend is supposed to be nice again, so hopefully we can get lots of yard work done and get the deck ready for Noah to play on, equipped with a gate and power washed. I also want to get the patio furniture out too so we have outdoor lunches too!! 

I soo very badly want to goto Boston Pizza and get their twist bread after seeing this recipe on Pinterest... Yes it is a recipe and I could likely make it...

Hope everyone has a great day!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

It is nice here too! But the weekend is looking like it might be under 10, boo. Oh well! At least the snow is gone.
LOVE Noah's jacket! A is in 12-18 month clothes too or 2T tops which is crazy!

Murdock's mama said...

Yay for awesome weather! Your double date sounds fun! The bread looks awesome!

Aubrey said...

Boston Pizza?? Never heard of it.... Funny how being from Boston, there isn't a Boston Pizza ;). I'm also impressed that your hubby is planning your double date!! Ha ha

J and A said...

YAY for being outside now!! I know, Cruz at first was like WHY do walks take so long now! but now she is happy with the extra time to run around the ravine. I am sure that bark is delicious!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

LOL to guy's planning date night!! Years ago, the guys planned a date night to see Sin City. They haven't been allowed to plan date night since then... we take them to ballet and musicals to still make up for it;)

That treat looks delicious!! It's calorie-free right? ;)

Poor dogs! Soon Noah will be running with them!


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