Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Noah's Current Favorites (13 -14 months)

Mr. Man is all about that books! A few of HIS current favorites are:

These are the daytime ones that he reads to himself during the day. At bedtime he loves: 

- Goodnight Canada
- Wynken Blyken and Nod
- The Crown on My Head
- On The Night You Were Born
- Clifford Goes To Bed

Okay who are we kidding I could list a million books haha. 

He also loves playing in his little tikes play house or the ball pit!! As I'm sure you have seen in many of my photos! These things keep him entertained for longer periods of time! He will play with the door, windows and we can't forget the mailbox. He check it every morning to see what we hid inside of it for him! He likes to climb in and out of the slide! 

Noah was loving little people. We have Noah's Ark, as well as the barn, so this has kind of taken away from the mega blocks figurines we bought him, but I have a feeling he will like them again when he figures out how to play with blocks! 

He has also taken to vehicles... Dinky cars, dump trucks, tractors, fire trucks... Anything with wheels! He will also throw in some car noises for your enjoyment! I think it is bred into boys haha. 

Balls are a big hit too! He likes to kick them and has just recently started to throw them, but they don't quite go where he intends for them to! 

There are days where Noah gets bored playing with the same toys and luckily we have another toy station set up in the basement, so we can easily switch it up for a bit! 

I can't say it enough - we are soo looking forward to being able to play outside! I think that is where we will spend most of our days with the pool, sand and water table and outdoor play set, throw in some walks to the park and play dates - it should be a good time! 

Noah's favorite foods right now are blueberries, grapes, squash, sweet potato, green beans and raspberries! He enjoys chicken or steak, granted we don't eat a lot of pork, but I'm sure he would eat it too! We are soo lucky that he isn't picky at all at this point, rumour has it that will change as the years go by.


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

95% of the time Avery plays with none of her toys. But we are also only at home 3 hours a day with her awake! She LOVES books, colouring and sticker books though! Oh and her golf set :)
I agree I cannot wait for more outside play!!

Murdock's mama said...

We love the if I could keep you little book!


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