Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

I am going to pretend that I did not wake up to snow this morning...  I may have opened the bedroom drapes and then closed them. If I can't see it.... It's not there right?!?! Luckily it's not supposed to stick around!

Up next... The last cupcake... M actually thought he could take the last cupcake in his lunch today! My breakfast... Well as it turns out he did pack it up and took it with him, but he is under strict instruction not to eat it and to bring it home to its owner! He clearly forgot that the last one rule - it's always mine haha. 

This little man was quite the helper this morning:

We vacuum every morning - a perk to have a zoo within your house?!? No? Pet hair is no joke these days as the weather is getting warmer! Today I remembered that Noah had his own vacuum, so instead of trying to push mine with me, he could use his own! It actually sucks too - not a lot, but it also makes noise! He was soo proud! I videotaped him too, which I might post on Instagram later! 

While gushing about my kid, how cute is his outdoor apparel from yesterday?!?

When did my baby grown into a little boy?!?! I know I keep saying that! It's just crazy to me! 

On the menu for tonight... Homemade mac and cheese! We actually meal planned this week. Granted we were supposed to have homemade pizzas, but I am going to do my grocery run tomorrow, and we didn't have naan bread for the crust, which is a big component for pizza, so we swapped tonight and tomorrow's meal! 

I got another order done for my sister, I am actually getting a little faster at it, but I will say it is very time consuming. I did get a basket of laundry folded last night in addition to completing the order, although I forgot how big Noah's load was after every washing the 18 month stuff! Little man is getting taller and taller! 

Oh one more thing to share... We are loving the Munchkin 360 Miracle cups. They do not leak, unless Noah throws it, some will splash out, but they seal soo good and it is more like drinking from a normal cup, which will be an easier transition later on! So we bought a few and will call these Noah's favorite cup! 

Hope everyone has a great day!! 

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