Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Up early again today... I will get used to this right?

So did everyone hear the news about Full House making a come back on Netflix? I'm just a little bit excited about this prospect. I know it won't be the same, but the fact that I grew up watching this show and a potential come back with the same characters... Makes me happy!! 

Yesterday we had a very impromtu girls lunch with the kiddos. We all gave ourselves 30 minutes to get dressed and throw together something to eat for everyone and suprisingly we did well. I ended up doing cheese and crackers and quickly made some cupcakes since my cookie dough was too frozen! I ended up have extra batter left, so you bet I used the muffin top tin and made cupcake tops! Soo good!!! 

Our visit was super fun too, there is just something about itty bitty babies!! Soo cute!! Noah was a ladies man hanging with the little ladies! 

I love the little mind of Noah. I have no idea what he is thinking sometimes and that is often the best part because in his mind he has it all figured out! Yesterday the little bum was much to quiet, which ALWAYS means the best kind of fun is happening doing something he shouldn't be. He found the diaper bag and decided to pull out ALL the wipes in the container!! 

Also I wants to touch on the fact that it is Natiional Infertility Awareness Week! This is a week I wish there wasn't a need for, but because 1 in 8 couples suffer with infertility, it is an amazing network of support. We chose to suffer in silence for 4 long years until we ended up with our little miracle, but along the way I met a lot of amazingly strong women to help me through. Infertility is no joke, it is probably the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with. 

So if you ever need support, have questions, or just want to talk, drop me an email. You are not alone!

I have started watching The Farris Jimmy Show on youtube. 

I am thinking I want to try baking these oatmeal smore cookies! Yum!

Oatmeal Cookie S'mores Bars

I did end up buying this fabric for my outdoor pallet project, even though its not made yet! I really didnt want to miss out on the fabric, so we calculated out how much we thought we needed and then bought a little extra!

I am loving Noahs Summer wardobe:

How yummny does this drink sound:
Moscato Pink Lemonade: frozen concentrate pink lemonade (made per directions), 1 bottle pink moscato, and as much strawberry vodka as you want!

Moscato Pink Lemonade: frozen concentrate pink lemonade (made per directions), 1 bottle pink moscato, and as much strawberry vodka as you want!


in the blink of an eye... wish I could make certain people in my life wake up and realize whats important in life

And in light of infertility awareness week:

Professional Artist is the foremost business magazine for visual artists. Visit

I'm going to beat this!

This would make great coasters.


Murdock's mama said...

The Full House news made my week! :) And those cookies MUST make an appearance at the lakehouse this summer...mmm!

J and A said...

Those cookies look so good. May have to try them for our potluck on Monday! I am excited to see what this Full House will look like but I am not holding my breath!! ha LOVE That fabric.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am curious about the Full House show!
Wipes are a huge hit with Avery too, if she had her way she would rip them all out daily :)
Noah's summer clothes haul makes me feel better about all of Avery's ;) And it is all really cute!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I didn't really watch a Full House!

That drink looks sooo good! Same with those s'mores!

I should probably get Leo some summer clothes. He has so many winter/spring clothes right now!! It will be shorts weather soon though. Audrey is already set with all her dresses... Not spending anymore money on her!

Alana Livingston said...

I will totally watch Fuller House--can't wait!
I'm sorry you had to suffer through infertility; you are so right, so many people struggle with it (who knows, I may) and do it alone so it's so sweet of you to offer a shoulder! So happy that you have handsome Noah to show for the struggle!
Can't wait to see your pallet project!
That drink looks amazing!


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