Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Review

Are we sure this past weekend was actually a weekend?? Our weekend was soo busy with very little down time. Not to mention we are still in recovery mode with M's new work schedule, which now includes earlier mornings and weekends.... So we are all adjusting and trying to find a schedule that works best for us and allows M to see Noah with the earlier morning hours and later evenings.

So Friday night was pretty boring. Which clearly we needed. I'm pretty sure I was in bed by 10 pm! 

Saturday morning M was off to work, so I got up, got ready for the day, got Noah dressed and took him over to the farm for a few hours while I ran into town to hit up a mom-to-mom sale and the market!  The mom-to-mom sale was busy, but was mostly girl stuff, but I did find a Gap jean jacket, shoes a few sizes up and a skip hop plate I had been eyeing since Lindsey posted Avery's! I ended up spending a total of $15 for all 3 items! 

I headed to the market next and hit up the butcher shop for some fresh meat to fill the freezer worth! And of course came home with these fresh flowers too!!

And I had just about forgot about picking up a pair of lulu lemon pants a lady was selling for $10!!
Steal!! I was nervous about the new size, but they fit. I haven't decided though if I will hem them up 
into capris or leave them full length as they are just long enough. 

I headed back to the farm to pick up Noah, who was in need of a nap, so home we went and he went right down. When he woke up though he was not the happiest camper! We are pretty sure he is working on his molars or something. His fingers are constantly in his mouth and towards the back, so he ends up gagging himself, he is drooling like crazy and irritable. However I don't see or feel anything. 

He actually snuggled on the couch for a bit and played his game (Ocean) on the iPad! He loves that game!! 

He cheered up a bit more after his second nap and medicine, which I ended up getting a mini nap in too! M came home shortly after and Noah was pretty happy about that too! 

We did some more yard work which cleaning the patio And I power washed the decks. They actually cleaned up really well! Noah enjoyed some fresh air while watching us work! 

Saturday evening after dinner we went for a nice long walk with our little fam jam and then M put Noah to bed! 

I decided to watch the movie Cake with Jennifer Anniston. It was alright. 

When I finished watching the movie, I looked over and saw these two snuggled right up: 

Sunday morning was another early morning. M had to be at the firehall for 6 AM to set up for the breakfast and Noah woke up at 6:30. I left him up in his bed until 7, but it was still super early. Luckily he was in good spirits! 

Funny story... Noah was climbing the stairs so I told him to be careful, he looked back at me and said "yayayaya". The attitude has begun and I couldn't help but to laugh at his response. 

We headed to have breakfast for 8:30 and Mikes parents met us there and then took Noah home with them for a nap and play. He also ended up having lunch there too! I stayed at the breakfast and helped out. 

When we came home, Noah played for a bit until M got home from his ball meeting and then it was  nap time! I ended up napping for an hour and forty-five minutes and Noah slept for almost 3 hours! M finished power washing the deck.

We decided to make hashbrown casserole for dinner and then make an extra one for M&J, but it was a big fail when M didn't add anything but sourceam and cheese. It's fine for us! So we won't be giving that out, but we did get a raspberry pie made for them! 

After dinner we let Noah play downstairs for a bit for a change and next thing we knew it was after 8 PM and he was still playing happily! But we knew we had to get him in the tub and ready for bed! He was in bed by 9!!  

This morning he was awake by 6:30 again! I didn't sleep well last night and M's alarm woke me up too, so it might just be a long day!! 


J and A said...

I've been looking for the skip hop plate! Good find. I love jean jackets for kids!! Aw I love the pup and kitty pic, so sweet. I love market fresh flowers! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad you found that plate set!! And that jean jacket I love :) Good finds!
I hope his molars do not bug him too much, Avery got hers all in a few days, which was kinda nice. I did not see anything either till they were there!
Lol - to the yayaya, is it from the VW commercial? Avery says it all the time now from it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love the Costco flowers!!

You guys got some good naps in!

Love jean jackets for little kids!!


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