Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's Not A Joke

Yup totally forgot it was April Fools Day... Did my usual look about on facebook and of course came across a BAD joke. Pretending you are pregnant I get could be funny to some... And yes you can't protect everyone's feelings, but I just feel like it's an insensitive joke! The numbers don't lie, millions of people struggle with infertility/child loss/miscarriage and the truth is it sucks. Why mock these people? 

Would it be okay for me to post "I have cancer" and then later say just joking? No. That would be insensitive. What about "I just got in an accident" - nope still not funny. Being pregnant is such a blessing, growing a baby is a privilege, not something just anyone can do. 

What about the moms out there that just lost their baby? Or those who have struggled for years to get pregnant and would kill for that ultrasound pic to be their own? How about a tough pregnancy that you struggled to hold on to for months, praying at the end that you get that baby. What about those suffering with infertility in silence (like I chose to for 4 years)? None of this is funny. 

Yes, getting pregnant is easy for some, and heck some pregnancies are text book. But for me... It is opposite. I am not going to turn this into an infertile rant... My story is out there, you can look back and see what we went through and what we will continue to deal with! Yes, I have my son, a true and honest miracle and for that we are forever grateful. But the feelings are there. I don't wish these feelings on anyone and therefor come to expect that not everyone gets it or thinks about it. Why should they understand infertility if you have never had to experience it yourself or know someone who has gone through it. I know these jokes are not out to get me or anyone else who may find the joke insensitive. They were made to "scare" their families in some cases or to make others laugh. But it doesn't change the way they make me feel. It's nothing I take personally... It just rubs me the wrong way. I don't expect everyone to feel the same way as me. This is my opinion and yes, I expect to get the odd comment giving me crap for my view. 

This is why I avoid the Internet on April Fools Day... Because these jokes are just not funny!

Please keep this in mind when you are considering your next April Fool's Joke. 


Murdock's mama said...

I don't like that 'joke' either. Luckily, nobody I know has done it this year. I'm tempted to take a picture with a cat and tell Adam I got the kids a cat {he would die!} but I don't think I'll have time to pull it off! :(

Christy said...

Someone on my Facebook posted she was getting divorced and I thought that was in bad taste as well. I always thought April Fool's was about silly pranks like switching salt and sugar, not about pretending to be pregnant or divorced.

Brie said...

^^ whoa the divorce one is not cool at all, either! Not only is the pregnancy one in poor taste, it's also so overdone - move on to better pranks people! I find the whole internet annoying on april fool's day.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

:( people can be so insensitive.


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