Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Rewind

I know today is technically still considered a holiday, however it is back to reality for us over here because M is back to work today!

Our weekend was great! It was filled with family and friends, just as it should be!! 

Friday M hung out with Noah in the morning enjoying a nice long walk with the dogs while I went and had a date with the ladies! Friday afternoon/evening we just hung out as a family. 

Saturday morning we had Noah's first Easter Egg hunt! The weather was snowy, cold, windy and just miserable, but we made the best of it! Noah didn't seem to mind! He was rather priceless during the hunt. He found one little egg and just sat down, put it in his basket and watched it! It was priceless! 

And then we had to meet the Easter Bunny, although Noah was more interested in his basket:

We headed home hoping Noah would go down for a nap when we got there , but instead he power napped on the walk home and had no interest in a real nap! But after lunch he slept for 2.5 hours and I ended up having to wake him because it was time to goto the farm for Easter dinner! For Easter we do it with both my parents, my sister and Mikes parents, which is a nice treat! My dad was still in Florida, so he wasn't there, but we enjoyed a nice steak dinner. 

The kids enjoyed playing:

It was perfect! My Mom stayed overnight at our place, which Noah enjoyed waking up to find her still here! 

Sunday morning was where the fun was at!! He loved checking out his Easter basket! Which contained  the following:
- 4 dinky cars
- Doug The Dozer book
- You Are My I Love You book
- Little Blue Truck book
- a sand and water table

Noah was a fan of it all, especially the cars! Although Daddy read him Little Blue Truck last night and he sure enjoyed it as well! He kept looking at kids on the box of the sand and water table, so I'm sure once we get nice enough weather for him to play with it, he will LOVE it too!! I love how easy to please this age is! The smallest things mean the most!

And for breakfast we did an Easter Egg hunt!! We filled eggs with blueberries, grapes and puffs and placed them throughout the great room! Noah had fun finding them, passing them to Daddy to open for him and then mowing down on the goodies inside! Felix was all up in the action enjoying a few blueberries himself and puffs! He also helped get the Noah the eggs!

Crazy to think he was this tiny last year.. 50 weeks difference!! 

Sunday afternoon we headed to my Aunts house for Easter dinner! It was fun as usual, full of laughs, cards, good food and good company! My cousin was still out west, so we included her in true fashion...

And speaking of fashion... I forgot to take a pic of us all together... Mom fail. But when we got home, I at least attempted to get a pic of Noah's cute outfit!!

Today we are having a nice low key day! We will hopefully get out for a nice walk again today too, now that it is supposed to warm up a bit today.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a perfect Easter! Have an awesome week!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Is it really a holiday there? School is out but it's work to usual for most people.

Noah is so cute at the egg hunt!! It's crazy how big they are now! Makes me a bit sad but they are fun!

What a great Easter you guys had!

Katie Jeanne said...

What a cute family and I love all of the pictures. Happy belated Easter!

J and A said...

Looks like an awesome weekend with lots of family time. That's so funny about him finding one egg and being done! ha So cute. So crazy what a year does to our babes!


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