Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Yup totally missed out on blogging Friday, because my morning did not start off on the best note and then neither did my night...

Felix and Binx were fighting yet again - these two just don't get along.... So Mike decided he was going to go break it up with the water bottle, spraying them both? He brought Binx out and then went back for Felix, who was pretty amped up. He went to pick him up and Felix bit him. This is where my crazy husband chose to continue to hold on to the crazy cat, who was scared, and amped up still, which allowed for Felix to pee all over Mike and continue to bite and scratch him. Mike screamed for help which I left Noah playing in the great room and went into the bedroom and it was a bloody massacre. Blood everywhere. I asked him why are holding on to him? He responded that he wasn't sure... Brilliant! He finally let go and his hands were just dripping constantly with blood. I went and got a towel and sent him straight to the bath tub where we attempted to clean the blood off and see what we were dealing with. 

After assessing the situation, he sat at the dining room table while I collected supplies to get him fixed up. Then we had the mess to clean up in the bedroom and I needed to get the cat out of the bedroom. Sure enough I found a shaking cat hiding, he let me pick him up and I put him in the bathroom until he was cleaned and we decided what was going to happen.

I also had to meet J at 9... Clearly that didn't happen, but luckily I was only 20 minutes behind by the time I fed Noah and got us ready! So we ran into town to run our errands, and we grabbed lunch on the way home! 

On the way home of course M calls to ask about the cat... Clearly he had calmed down and was no longer hating on him anymore. I told him I was going to give him a waterless bath I had just bought and then let him out. So I did that...

In the afternoon J and I rearranged the living room and suprisingly M came home and loved it, however, it actually doesn't work for this life stage. It created an adult space with a seperate kids area, which is great, but a little soon for us. Maybe in a few months, but right now Noah is our centre of attention and we are okay with that, even with all the toys everywhere! 

When Noah woke up from his nap we tried on Noah's first pair of running shoes! Oh my goodness it was priceless watching him walk in them for the first time! It was like a cat with wet feet!! I'm sure they felt soo different being hard bottoms and all. 

He also loves this new lawnmower he HAD to have. I'm actually glad I bought it because it is great entertainment for him! 

It has just dawned on me that this might be the longest weekend recap ever... Because I'm still on Friday! 

M came home with the carpet cleaner we rented to do all our rugs and stairs, so after Noah went to bed we started getting ready for that. I sent M to the back basement to collect an extra rug to clean and that was when we discovered the back unfinished basement was flooded! 

Luckily the rug wasn't back there and I only lost one box of stuff, as everything for the most part is up. But of course it was a box of memories from my childhood of letters from friends, etc. I salvaged what I could, but I remind myself it could have been worse!! Turns out our sump pump had a small stone stuck in it causing it to stop working. M fixed it and the water disappeared rather quickly. We continued to dry out the basement with dehumidifiers and I can say it is all dry now!! 

So I ended up cleaning my rug at 10 pm. I wanted to get it done before going to bed so it would have over night to dry. I will say it was soo very satisfying seeing the dirt coming out of the carpet... Gross as well, but more satisfying haha. 

Saturday morning I finished all the rugs and stairs, while M changed around the living room again while Noah was sleeping. Life is back in order now! M went and got our pallets for our spring project!! 

These two made up as well:

So we are going to keep a close eye on Felix's behaviour and watch him closely around Noah. We learned that Binx is initiating the fighting.. So we are dealing with that as well! This definitely counts as strike one. 

We went to the farm for lunch, did their carpet while we were there and then came home to do some more spring cleaning. Noah also wore this cute little number!!

Saturday night we highlighted my hair and I worked on the bead order my sister sent me. We also watched the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon - can't say I loved it!! 

Sunday started early for Noah and therefor he was a bit of a bear all day! 

He helped Daddy fix his dresser drawer:

We got the windows on the front of the house all cleaned inside and out! Hung laundry on the line, cleaned the bedroom but instead of putting away laundry we decided we needed to hang out outside and take in the fantastic weather!! We have soo much yard work to do as well, but instead Daddy put together Noah's new wheels, which Noah had no patience for and had one major melt down after another.... Finally it was put together and he was happy and all, but you would never know it with his expression:

So we went for a walk anyways!! 

Sunday night I finished up beading strands for my sister. I didn't quite get them finished, but wanted to get them back to her knowing she will finish them quicker than me. But I was happy to help with the bulk of them! 

So there we have it. Our crazy busy weekend where we started our spring cleaning and man did it feel good to see the dirt go! Spring weather is finally here after last Thursday's crazy thunderstorm!! Today we are enjoying +20 yup had to the put the + sign because we were soo used to seeing the minus!! Granted it is supposed to storm this afternoon, but I think we will still have time for outside!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


J and A said...

That was a lengthy recap! :) Glad you guys had a good weekend and got outside! Silly cats! Poor M - :( His new shoes are super cute!

Murdock's mama said...

Yikes--your weekend started off a bit rough! :( So glad it got better! :)

Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh- poor mike!! I'm glad he is ok and that he and the cat made up :)


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