Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thoughts On Thursday

Okay so our weather is starting to look up around these parts... I mean it's typical rain now and gloomy days, but when that sun shines - it is magnificent! It's still not super warm though, but it's not freezing anymore!!

Noah and I have been keeping busy these days and he has been such an adventure seeker this week with climbing stairs on his own... Climbing up onto furniture on his own and now his toys... He is becoming such a smart cookie. But if I'm being honest it freaks me out. I know he needs to learn if, but really I'm just not ready. 

Tuesday night we went out for drinks for girls night in hopes it will be J's last night out before baby! She is due Saturday! I did enjoy the best drink I've had in a long time from Kelsey's, and it came in a little jug! 

Simply amazing!! And it wasn't too sweet!! 

Not much else is new and these parts. My knee is feeling better after taking a week off, so I am back doing the fix work outs again and trying to drink as much water as I can get into myself! Hopefully Mike will be able to start back up next week, as his back is just not 100%. Last night was was leg day and Jazz was sure to be of great help!

I am on the look out for some hard soled shoes for the little man. We realized we didn't have any while we were getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and all we have are soft soled shoes/robeez! I'm going to look at some K Swiss's a lady was selling tomorrow, fingers crossed they fit, as he is kind of inbetween a 2 and a 3. 

That's all I got for today!! 


Hilary said...

We splurged on a pair of Stride Rite's for $40, but they have been GREAT. He is so hard on shoes, but they have really held up.

J and A said...

Glad your weather is getting better!! Another dare devil! Delainey has no fear! Glad you are back into the fix! Do you not wear shoes? Hope M feels better soon!


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