Friday, April 17, 2015

Fridays Five

Here is our typical Friday post coming at you from a gloomy morning outside, but it is supposed to gorgeous again, so you bet we will be outside for most of it!!

1) yesterday this little man turned 14 months old! What? Crazy, I know!! He loves snuggling the dogs after his bottle!! 

He also thought taking a selfie was pretty neat:

Yesterday we went for lunch with Grandma and J and then ran some errands. I didn't end up coming home with a steamer as I planned, but I did get a mini muffin tin! Then when I came home, I noticed someone in Facebook selling one for $4, so I'm going to get that tonight too! I might be nice to have two pans, as I bake a lot. 

2) I went and picked out some fabric this week for my pallet project and cushion covers. I didn't buy them, because I don't know how much I need, but hopefully they will still be in stock when I go back! I'm considering figuring out the dimensions and going to get it!! 

I'm thinking the ikat for the base of the cushions and the chevron one for the throw pillows. I'm also considering either one of the bottom ones for my other patio set, so they kind of all go together, as I have navy out there, and that green, so Aqua seemed like a good option! I also need to find something for the wicker furniture for the front! I kind of can't want to get started on these projects now that the weather is nice!! 

3) we are hoping to get lots of work done outside this weekend, which will include getting the deck ready, so we can hang out up there. There is soo much shingle dust and dirt everywhere, that a power washing will be going down!! I also want to get the table out there so we can start eating outside! I'm considering getting the patio umbrella bug net too! 

4) my hair... I finally revealed my hair as I took the time to style it yesterday. So here are the blonde highlights M did for me. The process was pretty easy. I forgot how much it hurt having my hair pulled through a cap. The first results were kind of brassy, so I got a box of blonde hair dye and put it on the next night and now I am happy with color, even though the blonde box lightened my overall hair! It is a big adjustment between the length and the color, but I am loving it:

5) Noah is going for his first sleep over this weekend. Insert anxious parents... Yup parents, it was a big decision to go ahead with for both M and I, but we would rather him do it for the first time with us close by just incase. He will be staying at the farm for his first overnight. The grandparents are super excited, Mom and Dad are anxious, even though we know he will be fine, it is a really big step and Noah has no clue at this point. Mike has a hard time leaving him with someone else just for a few hours, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the overnight. I'm sure it will be all be good!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Happy 14 months Noah! LOVE your hair and those fabrics :)
Have an awesome weekend!

Aubrey said...

I love that your hubby dyed your hair!!!

Murdock's mama said...

I love this whole post! :)

J and A said...

You hair is awesome!! I love the color and length! I love the ikat fabric so much. The colors are awesome. 14 months. Wow. Time flies!


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