Thursday, March 3, 2016

34 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 
34 Weeks 

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, along with comfy clothes and pjs!! Any chance I can stay in my pjs I'm on it! 


Needless to say there was a bit of a growth spurt this week! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, trying to remember to put oil on at least once a week.

We will find out in April!! If you ask Noah, he insists and will argue that it is a girl! 

We will share in April, our names are pretty much set, I did add in one more girl name that M is in love with, but I'm on the fence! 

Isn't great. It's like the first trimester all over with sleepless nights, but mainly I'm just uncomfortable. This second pregnancy has been soo much harder on my body as far as aches and pains go. Granted I'm healthier, so it's either the baby's position or second pregnancy I'm blaming. 

I really just want a salad! Granted I will feel sick after eating it, but I really want one! Nausea is back, so I'm eating small meals. 

Baby has slowed down with movement, soo happy to have my Doppler to check in on the baby as I please. Baby still likes straight up the middle. I downloaded a kick counter and have started tracking to make myself feel better and baby does meet the criteria, so all is well. I think I was just used to a crazy mover! Baby picked up activity by the end of the week.

Weight Gain:
30 pounds! I'm thinking that stand still I mentioned last week is no longer the case. I feel larger for sure now! 

Tired, achey and sore, but I couldn't be happier all at the same time! I'm soo grateful to be able to experience another pregnancy, I will take the unglamorous parts that come with it! Nausea is back, so that sucks feeling like I'm going to throw up at any given point. Add in the reflux and heartburn and I am a hot mess! I also slipped this week at the park and pulled a lower abdominal muscle, which wasn't very fun! 

What I Miss?
Sleeping comfortably.

Items Bought for Baby:
My pump parts came in the mail, along with a pair of baby leggings! 

What the doctor had to say? 
 Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead again, my amniotic fluid is "generous", which explains the crampy pains I have been feeling and why I'm feeling so large. The doctor isn't overly concerned at this point! I was shocked to see that the baby is no longer head down!! We didn't end up with a photo this time from my ultrasound, but we did get the sweetest glimpses of this baby of ours!! Noah enjoyed seeing the baby as well and insisted that it was a girl and if anyone asked him at the hospital he was sure to tell them it is a girl. He will be quite surprised if it is a boy. Blood pressure is still borderline, so we are just creeping on by while we can! C-section is looking to be the very beginning of April, but we will get a date soon enough! Crazy to think how soon that really is!! 

Seeing sweet baby V2 again. I can't wait to meet this baby! 

Belly Button?
In, but I will say it is getting shallower!

Bump Pic:

And just for comparison's sake:
Looking Forward to: 
Maternity photos next week. 

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