Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Phew, another week just zoomed on by and we are back at Monday!! What's happening?

I'm still pregnant, blood pressure is responding to the meds so far - which you will hear more about on tomorrow's blog with the bump date. 

We accomplished quite a bit this weekend for me having to take it easy - so grateful for a helpful and understanding husband and our toddler was super co-operative as well!! 

Let's rewind to Friday - I had my appt (more details tomorrow), I also did a little shopping while in London, picked up a few Peppa Pig books for Noah, tried the new Harvey's slushies - soo good, especially the grape!! 

I found some lamps at home sense for the bedroom, but didn't buy them for some stupid reason. I had it in my head that they were soo expensive. Why is everything soo much more money than I ever remember spending when we first bought our house?? Was I just super cheap? Have my tastes become expensive or am I looking at better quality?? What the heck!! It is such an expensive replacement year as I have mentioned prior, with replacing our toaster, sandwich press, glasses are up next, new lamps for the great room, bedroom and dining room, we still need new towels... Man oh man! Granted I have had the same stuff since we bought our first house, so I got good use out of them all and heck some were even hand-me-downs.

So anyways back to the lamps, after not buying them, discussing them with M and my mom, my sister, etc - you know buying lamps is apparently a big deal? You would swear I was about to drop hundreds of dollars...they were on clearance for $38 each!! I now know that this is a great deal. So Saturday morning I called the store, they still had them and put them on hold for me and my Mom picked them up. Stay tuned for when I get them from my mom, which may be next week! Phew, up next operation find a lamp for the dining room without freaking out over the price!! 

Noah and M had a fun boys day, I got home and Noah had to check to see if the baby was still in my tummy!! He must sense the baby will be coming soon!! 

Our evening was spent playing and relaxing! 

Saturday morning Noah surprised us with a sleep in! We all slept in for the most part. I woke at 7, but managed to stay in bed a bit longer! 

We had to make a quick run to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute supplies for our freezer meals we were planning on making, we came home, tidied up and got right to work in the kitchen with making chili. 

My cousin and her little guy Gabe came over to play in the afternoon:

After they left, I sorted through a few more baby things, found the towels, swaddled, etc. The boys went outside to get some yard work done and organizing between the shop and the garage and Noah tried to get his truck out, but the battery didn't last long (as we hadn't charged it - oops!!)

We enjoyed chili for dinner and then after Noah went down I worked on the baby quilt I am in the process of making! I got it all put together, so we are over half way done!!

Sunday was a busy one. The clocks sprung forward, so we decided to help Noah transition we would just do everything 30 minutes later than usual. It worked out for the most part. Sunday was a busy day, but I'm happy to say this nesting mama is feeling good! The nursery is all clean and mostly ready, our bedroom is spotless, bassinet is all ready, the mudroom and dining room both cleaned. It was good. We figured out some organization for the baby stuff to be on the main floor for ease post c-section and got laundry done! 

Noah was a champ and "helped" us all day, which I get wasn't all that much fun for him. I will say this was the day it dawned on me that I am super pregnant now and I feel it! It could be the new meds, but I felt my body actually telling me to slow down yesterday and I did listen. I ended up napping while M made the hashbrown casserole for the freezer and resting with my feet up inbetween jobs! After dinner we focused on playing with Noah until it was his bedtime. We had quite a few belly laughs and I actually felt my belly button pop out while laughing... Soo creepy! 

Because I am supposed to be taking it easy, we are just going to have a low key day today around the house. 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

haha glad you got the lamps! I just need to clean out the nursery (Chad has tools in there right now too) and hang a few last things and I think we are then good to go!
I am excited to hear more about your appt!

J and A said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Hope your appt went well. Excited to see the nursery!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I see you over think things like me!! Haha! I would have done the same thing with the lamps. Some things I can blow money on but others ins so cheap! House stuff I am definitely cheap. Can't wait to see these infamous lamps!

Hope the dr appt went well! Looking forward to a good update!

I'm sure Noah is having a blast doing anything with you guys! Everything is fun for them!


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