Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mid-Week Ramblings

I was considering a What I Love Wednesday post, but decided to share a few of my midweek random thoughts!

Let's talk cooking... I'm over it lately.mimnot sure if it's just the pregnancy phase I am in, where big meals don't appeal to me, or what. But I've lost the desire for making dinner. We have tried a few new recipes, but honestly, none that I would make again, like a chicken bacon ranch casserole we made for  Monday - I ate it, but was not a fan, luckily Noah gobbled it right up! 

Even my classic meals, like Italian chicken and rice for example aren't hitting the spot. We are in a dinner slump, which sucks right before having a baby! We did make some freezer hashbrown casserole, chili and lasagna, but even those don't sound appealing to me right now! I am a picky eater, I don't pretend to hide that, so trying new recipes is hard, but what are some of your go-to's? Help this mama out!! 

Today I am off to the OB's again and then I have some running around to do, including picking up a new-to-us double jogging stroller. We bought a sit and stand used, but HATE it! Luckily we didn't pay much for it, as I plan on just donating it. 

Fingers crossed I can get Miss Gracie in for a spa day THIS week, otherwise I'm waiting well until after baby is born. 

Last night I was up most of the night with this dreadful heartburn/reflux. It was horrible and nothing was happening!! 

And because a post is not a post without pictures, I will share what we did yesterday!! 

I looked over in the morning and saw this - isn't it the sweetest?? 

Lux was actually loving it - for like the first time ever haha. Ever since we rehomed Felix he has been soo bored and "lonely" even though we have 2 other cats. So seeing him enjoy time with Noah was soo cute!! 

We headed to the farm for lunch, once I wrangled Noah in the house, he saw the table set and was excited. He climbed right up in his chair and saw a bowl of onions and took one big bite. I was going stop him, but then thought this is a good lesson to be learned to not just eat anything. He tried to like it, but ended up spitting it out in my hand and needed a drink. Silly kid! 

He did get to try hot dogs for the first time, which will be a special treat in his eyes, since we don't cook them at our house. 

After lunch we played for a bit before heading out for our kobota ride and the. We headed home for a nap. 

Less than 2  weeks to go and this baby will be here!! 


P!nky said...

Less than two weeks, so exciting! You look great, mama.

Leigh said...

Heart burn is the worst! I had it a few times really bad and nothing but time and sitting more upright helped


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