Tuesday, March 22, 2016

37 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 
37 Weeks - officially the furthest along I have ever made it pregnant!! Welcome uncharted territory!! 

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, but if I'm not going out, you bet I'm in pj pants! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, trying to remember to put oil on at least once a week or more now because I'm nervous they might come this time since I'm soo much bigger! 

We will find out in 2 weeks!! 

We will share in 2 weeks! Our names are pretty much set, I did add in one more girl name that M is in love with, but I'm on the fence! 

Not great. Naps are when I have them though. Baby is still sitting super high, so it is hard to get comfortable at bedtime. Bathroom breaks are also at an all time high now as well!! 

Two-bite brownies over and over please, oh and skim milk too! 

Baby's movement is less crazy, a little slower, more like a baby now. Lots of rolling, hiccups and somersaults, but still breach!! 

Weight Gain:
31 pounds! Still under my total gain with Noah, yet soo much bigger!! 

So incredibly tired still, but feeling soo happy to have made it this far along!! Baby is still up in my ribs, but feeling a lot of pelvic pressure, likely from the excess fluid I'm carrying! I'm starting to get nervous about my csection!! 

What I Miss?
Sleeping comfortably.

Items Bought for Baby:
A new drying rack for bottles and pump parts! We went with the boon grass one because it's smaller than our old one! 

What the doctor had to say? 
Meds are controlling my blood pressure so far! We got our csection date, so we are anxiously awaiting that. Baby is still breach. I ended up waiting over an hour for thus appointment, caught a cold in the waiting room, so clearly I wasn't impressed. 

The to-do list is just about completed! I started packing our bags, we discussed our plan for Noah with Mikes parents, so that eases my mind. Just have my pump and parts to sterilize and finish packing my bags! I'd like to get the freezer cookie dough done too, but just haven't got around to it! 

To celebrate making this far, here is the big old bare belly!! Soo large!!

Belly Button?
In, but part of it pops out when I laugh. Soo creepy! 

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward to: 
Celebrating Easter with our families! 
This mini cold leaving our house! Our essential oils have really helped!! 


purpun said...

It's so much work preparing for a (second) newborn don't you think! I was just getting the bassinet out tonight and with it were so many little blankets, sheets, and waterproof pads to wash that I completely forgot about.

I'm with you on the two bite brownies though, especially cold and chewy from the fridge.

Excited to hear what your baby's name will be! It was hard deciding on a final guess but I'm gonna go with Noah and say girl!

Kristin said...

You look great girl! Congrats on making it to 37 weeks! Your peanut is going to be here so soon!!! Excited for you and excited to hear the name & gender!!!


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