Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet Baby V2 - What Will You Be

I will start off by saying as much as I wanted to find out with my first pregnancy, with this one, I wanted to know even more. We actually almost did find out, as our doctor actually does have the sex documented!

Boy names are figured out, girl names are not quite set and we seem to be struggling with them more this time, where as last time boy names were hard.

How does this pregnancy compare to my last? It is waaay different. Baby is carrying soo differently. Noah was always low low low and tucked in a corner, this one is as high as it can get and straight up my middle. I had a lot of nausea with this pregnancy.

With less than two weeks left, I am curious to hear what you all think this baby will be!!

On To The Wives Tales:
Chinese Gender Prediction says: 


Mayan Gender Prediction Theory says: 


How I Have Carried: 

High = GIRL
In front = BOY


Acne = GIRL 
Dry Skin, cold feet = BOY 

Baby's Heart Rate: 




Daddy's Weight:

Boy - Daddy worked out during this pregnancy!

Morning Sickness: 


Mood Swings: 

GIRL (poor M) 

So that tallies up to:
6 GIRL votes
5 BOY votes.

Noah swears it is a girl and will argue if you say it is a boy. He is adamant no matter which way you ask him!

I think girl this time, M is afraid to say it out loud, but also thinks girl.

 What do you think Baby V2 will be?

Wondering how things looked with Noah? Look back HERE


Murdock's mama said...

I totally think you're having a girl! :)

Alana Livingston said...

I think it's a girl! I trust the kid intuition! My niece said Lily was a girl from the very minute we told her we were pregnant (she was just under 3 at the time). Plus, the fact that the pregnancy is so different from the last, I think girl!

Shannon said...

I'll be different and guess boy, but I'm usually wrong ;) My son was convinced I was having a girl from the moment he found out I was pregnant but according to the blood test I'm having another boy. My son still seems to think it's a girl but I guess we will know for sure in a month at the anatomy ultrasound!

Laura B said...

I wasn't wrong with any of my predictions in 2015 so here's to hoping that will continue in 2016. My feeling is it's a girl. Either way I am sure you will feel blessed and be happy.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I don't have any strong feeling either way but I'll go with girl! I'm so excited to find out!!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I am definitely thinking GIRL. More than anything, I want to know your baby names!! Haha! Can't wait!

Christy said...

I can't say I have any feels in any specific direction but heart rate was right for us so I'ma go with girl... but then Chinese gender chart was right for us too..... gahhh I'm so excited for you either way!


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