Tuesday, March 29, 2016

38 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 
38 Weeks - officially the furthest along I have ever made it pregnant!! Welcome uncharted territory!! 

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, but if I'm not going out, you bet I'm in pj pants! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, trying to remember to put oil on at least once a week or more now because I'm nervous they might come this time since I'm soo much bigger! 

We will find out in 1 week!! How crazy is that.. Just one week away! 

We will share in 1 week!! Our names are pretty much set, I did add in one more girl name that M is in love with, but I'm on the fence! 

Not great. Getting up often to pee and rolling over is definitely a process that requires waking up for! 

Canned peaches! I also made cherry cheesecake this past weekend and I'm not complaining 

Baby's movement is less crazy, a little slower, more like a baby now. Lots of rolling, hiccups and somersaults, but still breach!! Baby also dropped a bit this week, so the head is no longer up in my ribs, but I have elbowed it on my side a few times, as s/he seems to like lying across me now! 

Weight Gain:
33 pounds! Still under my total gain with Noah, yet soo much bigger!! 

Anxious to meet this little one! Heartburn is still kicking around, but a bit better since baby has dropped a bit. I actually feel a little smaller now that the baby has dropped a bit as well! 

What I Miss?
Sleeping comfortably.

Items Bought for Baby:
Feels soo weird not needing anything really for this baby and having gender neutral stuff already. I will say I bought more girls stuff this pregnancy and will be taking a boy and girl outfit to the hospital this time. 

The replacement diaper pail came in the mail and we bought the baby a scale to weigh the baby at home, since the service is no longer offered in our area. It was something we really enjoyed with Noah, so we justified it! 

What the doctor had to say? 
Blood pressure was high at my appointment, I didn't feel great, so my OB ended up sending me down to triage for monitoring and blood work. I ended up with a small amount of protein in my urine, but baby did well with the non-stress test and my blood work came back fine. My OB said my wheels are wobbling on my wagon, and that I need to take it easy!

Celebrating Easter with our families. 

Enjoying family time just the 3 of us, as much as possible lately. I'm sad my days with just Noah and I are coming to end, but soo excited to add in this baby as well. It's a big change for us all and I am excited to experience it, but I will miss my days with Noah! 

Belly Button?
In, but part of it pops out when I laugh. Soo creepy! 

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward to: 
Meeting this baby!! Finding out the sex!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

haha love the "size of the baby"! I hear you at home I wear yoga pants or sweats all the time!
I only have my belly button scar that is stretched like last time but after it is not noticeable but I am worried about getting more too!
April 5th? I am so excited!!!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I can't wait!!!


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