Monday, March 28, 2016

Icey Easter

Wow, we survived this past weekend and I am still pregnant!!

Let's rewind back all the way to Thursday... The ice storm. Luckily the roads were not bad and we were still able to get Gracie to her grooming appointment. That definetely made this mama happy because the groomer was booked solid all of April if I couldn't get in on Thursday and Grace needed to be groomed something fierce. Right before leaving the house around 10 AM, the power went out. Mike had started getting fire calls for lines on fire around 6 AM, so I had got up and turned the heat up just in case. 

I dropped Noah off at the farm, headed to drop off Gracie, picked up my sister and we grabbed some groceries and lunch. Gracie was a trooper for her appointment and looks fantastic all cleaned up!! 

I stopped at home before heading to the farm to see if we had power and to drop off the groceries and sure enough our power was still out! It was estimated to come back on by 8 PM. So we had dinner at the farm, came home to grab bedtime stuff for Noah just in case. Then the power went out at the farm too! Luckily M was able to get the generator going just intime for bath time and we eventually put Noah to bed at the farm.

The ice storm was not easing up, the roads were still fine, but the trees were covered in ice and only getting thicker as more rain came down. So around 11:30 I made the call that I was going home to sleep and M would stay at the farm with Noah. I prefer to sleep when it is cool anyways, so Gracie and I headed home where I would be more comfortable. 

Turns out a transformer blew around the corner from me and the road ended up getting shut down, so I had police lights in the windows all night, along with various hydro trucks flashing their lights. I probably got the same amount of sleep I normally do as of late - which isn't much lol. 

I headed back to the farm in the morning, Noah was a bit cranky, but we just had to distract him. So Grandpa read him one of his favorite books.

After breakfast M and I ran home to get stuff out of the fridge before it spoiled and checked the basement for water. Luckily no water and the freezers were still good, so we just had one basket of food to take to the farm. When we got back to the farm Noah was out with Grandpa, off to town for something. 

When the got home we decided the ice storm wasn't going to hold us back from our Easter fun, so we got right to painting eggs! I will say this entertained Noah longer than I expected it to. We all had fun painting eggs together before lunch time. It was around this time that our power came back on at home. So we waited until after lunch to head home before nap time so that the house would have time to warm up from the lovely temp of 11 degrees! 

Our road was closed by the police, but we were still able to go home luckily. The village is just a mess with limbs and trees down, hydro lines, etc. 

We put Noah down for a nap and I ended up napping as well. Turns out we slept a lot longer than planned and didn't have time to decorate the cookies as we had planned! Oops!! 

Saturday night we folded laundry, vegged and I got out my crocheting basket and did up a few dishcloths, as my uncle mentioned he needed a new one! M and I hit up the hot tub before heading to bed! 

Come Saturday morning I felt such relief! The baby had dropped a bit!! 

We headed to the village Easter a Egg hunt! Noah had a great time. He picked up eggs one by one! It was chilly, but the weather was better than last year!! 

While Noah napped, we made cherry cheesecake for our family dinner at my aunt and uncles. Once Noah woke up it was party time! And this little man was ready to party!! 

This was his Easter outfit for this year! 

We got to meet my cousins new little guy named Hunter. Noah was soo cute with him. Here are all the cousins together:

And prepare yourself for baby fever... Thank goodness our baby is due any day, because I would want a baby otherwise right away after seeing these:

Noah got to practice his big brother skills and man did it melt my heart!! It makes me look forward to introducing him to his new sibling! Luckily it won't be long now!! 

Another late night for him, but he is a trooper. 

Sunday morning we set up Easter eggs all throughout the main floor! Noah had soo much fun hunting up the eggs! 

Up next was his Easter basket! He found Peppa Pig, peppa pig books, the fisher price airplane and a fort building kit! Peppa Pig was a huge hit:

His evil little smile...

In all honesty, Noah just had a rough morning. He played well with his new toys, but potty training was a disaster and his sassy attitude was in full force after 3 busy days off schedule. I managed to get the baby's bag packed, most of mine packed, aside from the stuff I will have to throw in, like hair brush chargers, etc.

After lunch we decorated Easter cookies, but first we tried out the bubble wrap that came in the box!

This bubble wrap gave him quite a bit of entertainment even after we decorated the cookies. 

I think Daddy was in shock with how much sprinkles and icing this little man conned his way into. He's got moves!! 

All done!!! 

After nap we headed to the farm for Easter dinner, which included Grandpa's very own Easter egg hunt!! 

Noah loved hunting up the eggs and would shout out "I see an egg" and go running! He was not a fan of the nesting though and would end up making Grandpa dig out the small eggs from it! 

Too busy looking to stop for a picture!! 

We were lucky enough for a nice warm day too!! Here is Noah with Grandma and Grandpa:

And our family picture:

We decided Noah needed to stay outside until dinner was ready to run off some of his sugar, so he ran up and down the barn hill, quad rides and of course Kubota rides! 

My Dad came for dinner too!! Noah was on cloud 9 with both Grandpas and the Kubota! He is such a grandpas boy!! Check out this silly grin.... 

And for the proper pic haha:

Dinner was great, we had ribs and baked potatoes with fresh green beans and cherry cheesecake. Noah was seriously spent and his sass was coming back, so we let him go for one more Kubota ride and headed home for tubby time and then bed. It didn't take him long crash at all!! 

Needless to say I am pretty sure today is going to be a gong show, as I intend to get back on track with our schedule. But he does tend to surprise me, so we will see. It's supposed to rain all day, so we will cooped up a bit, but I'm hoping for the best!! 


P!nky said...

EEEK! Sounds like a very eventful Easter. BRRRR to 11 degrees! Your Easter pictures are so cute.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Fun weekend despite the crazy ice storm!!

Noah looks so big! It's crazy that so soon he will be a big brother! Looks like he will do well with his new role!

Glad you are doing well and baby dropped a bit for you.


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