Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Things

And just like that it is Friday and no, I am not complaining, but this week went by fast.

What went down?? 

- spent some time with the girls Monday night
- Mikes parents and my Dad made it home safely on Wednesday, so this baby can come anytime now!! 
- had my OB appt, blood pressure is back under control on the meds, even though I feel crummy, it should buy us some more time! 
- we have 2.5 weeks to go and we will have a baby!! C-section date has been set and an end is in sight. 
- today marks the furthest I have been pregnant. So we are celebrating with a bare belly shot:
- we cut Noah's hair at home last night and I am happy with how it looks! I just kept imagining the baby coming and him having long shaggy hair! That will not be the case! 
- this weekend I will be packing my hospital bag and we will finish up the last few things on the to-do list! We also have a date night Saturday! 
- we sold my car yesterday, within 48 hrs of listing it, she was sold for asking price! There will be certain things I will miss about it, but my new mom-mobile is pretty sweet as well. We are now officially a Ford family. I am now driving a Ford Flex, which gives me lots of room to tote around the kiddos and Miss Grace! Bye-bye Pontiac Torrent - it was fun!!
- today Noah and I have a cake to bake, as I promised Noah we would make one when Grandma and Grandpa got home. We are having dinner with them tonight, so I know Noah will love baking today!! Here was my view this morning:

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay for making it to 37 weeks!! I can't believe your hospital bag isn't packed!!

Noah looks so cute with his new hair cut!

Woohoo mom mobile!! Where's the picture?


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