Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Influenster Review: L'Oreal Color Radiance

It's been a while since I have had the opportunity to do a review for Influenster, so when I was selected for this product review, I was more than willing to oblige.

The funny thing with Influenster, is that you never really know what you are getting when you are selected. I was excited to see the box in the mail and couldn't wait to open it up to see what I got. 

When I opened up the box, I was excited to see hair products because in all honesty I'm not someone to just buy a new product to just try, I stick to what I know or what I have heard is good! 

The fact that I dye my hair often made this product really appeal to me. So here is my honest opinion and granted this is my opinion have the initial use. 

First impression was that the products smells good, however seeing that it was a 3-step process did not exactly appeal to me being a mom, who needs to shower quickly for the most part! 

But I gave it a try, starting with the shampoo, as I mentioned it smelt great and after I rinsed it out my hair did feel silky, not stringy like some other products I have tried. 

Up next was the instant miracle - this was probably my favorite product of the 3. The smell was even better than the rest. You put this product on and rinse it immediately, so no time wasted waiting for it to sit. My hair felt amazing afterwards, to the point that I didn't even want to put on the conditioner. Because I wanted to complete the full review, I did apply the conditioner next, but I will be trying the products without the conditioner just to see. It took the tangles outs and everything. 

I applied the conditioner and my hair didn't feel as silky as it did after using the instant miracle. After showering I blow dried my hair and found the frizz to be at a minimum. My hair did feel soft and it did dry quickly. I also found that it was not a product that weighed my hair (which is thin and light weight) down, especially being a 3 step process. I didn't find my hair greasy after using the product either. 

So would I reccomend these products? Yes! I haven't checked out the price point of the products, but L'Oreal is usually affordable. 

If anything try the instant miracle product. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for my honest opinion. 

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ShannonJMc27 said...

Nice! I love the idea of this Influenster thing but I don't have ANY information on it. Do you have to pay for it or is it free based on ratings you give? I want to try but I want some info haha!


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