Thursday, March 17, 2016

36 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 
36 Weeks 

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, along with comfy clothes and pjs!! I am at the point where comfortable is best!!

Stretch Marks?
Nope, trying to remember to put oil on at least once a week or more now because I'm nervous they might come this time since I'm soo much bigger! 

We will find out in April!! If you ask Noah, he insists and will argue that it is a girl! 

We will share in April, our names are pretty much set, I did add in one more girl name that M is in love with, but I'm on the fence! 

Not great. Naps are when I have them though. Reflux is at its worst when lying down and after meals. Baby is still sitting super high, so it is hard to get comfortable at bedtime. 

Two-bite brownies over and over please, oh and skim milk too! 

Baby is moving and grooving like crazy again. 

Weight Gain:
29 pounds! Turns out I hadn't gained any weight over the last 2 weeks and actually lost a pound! 

So incredibly tired, especially since being put on blood pressure meds. It's a good reminder to slow down, this I know and I am listening to my body, but it is frustrating as well when you just want to get stuff done, but no energy. I remember this feeling on the meds last time too. Reflux and nausea are still kicking around. 

What I Miss?
Sleeping comfortably.

Items Bought for Baby:
I bought a scale for the baby since our well baby clinic isn't offered anymore and I will miss weighing this baby every week! 

What the doctor had to say? 
Well my blood pressure decided to spike, so I ended up on meds. Baby is still breech, so we discussed what my delivery plan/options are and because my blood pressure has decided to go up, the baby is breech and I had a previous section, he thought it would be safest to go ahead with the planned c-section, which I agreed to as well. He wanted to wait an extra week before setting the date to see how my blood pressure was going to respond. So if I go into labor on my own, as long as baby isn't about to come out, I will have a csection regardless. Feels good to have a plan. 

The nursery is ready, for the most part, once we know if it's a boy or girl we can finalize the decor!
Getting our maternity pics back - love them all!!! 
Checking off more things off my to-do list! 

Belly Button?
In, but part of it pops out when I laugh. Soo creepy! 

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward to: 
Getting our planned c-section date! 
Making it further than my last pregnancy!! 


Alana Livingston said...

I'm glad you are feeling relieved about having a birth plan--I'm sure that didn't help your blood pressure any! I'm pretty sure Lily is breach right now and my doc won't do aversions (nor do I think I would want one) so I might be headed for a c section too!

Christy said...

we did a planned c-section due to blood pressure and breech too, sometimes it just makes sense. It really sucks you're on those meds again, which ones did they give you? I had labetalol and it made me feel like garbage. it's so exciting you're in the home stretch! You're looking lovely and I love all the pics of Noah touching your belly <3


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