Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Although our warm temps have disappeared this weeks, not that I am complaining about above 0 temps, but apparently we are supposed to see more snow this week. 

But either way Spring is here!! 

Our weekend was pretty low key. 

Friday we made this cake:

Noah wanted sprinkles on the whole thing, so I decided to compromise and let him put sprinkles in 
cookie cutters, that way we didn't all have to have sprinkles!

Helping make the cake: 

We enjoyed a nice dinner at the farm and before heading home. Noah cracked us all up when it came time to eating cake, he was sharing with Mike and all of a sudden busted out "Daddy, it's mine, not yours!!!" It was soo cute!! Noah enjoyed his kobota ride with Grandpa! Needless to say he was up a bit later that night, but went to bed like a champ! 

Saturday we worked hard on crossing things off the to-do list. We had to run into town Saturday 
morning on a mission to find this baby it's "birth bear". We bought Noah a bear before we had him, 
and wanted to do the same for this one, but we have been looking and just not finding what we have been looking for! We also grabbed some groceries while we were out! We ended up stopping at the hallmark store and found just the right one!! 

Noah picked between two, however when we got home he thought it was for him, although he kept saying baby as he snuggled it! We put it in the nursery and he seems to have forgotten it! I think we will have to get the baby some lovies like Noah's - soo easy to wash! 

When we got home we did some house work and played. During naptime I decided to try a new project of cutting fabric on my Cricut. It worked great!! I can't wait to show you the finished product, but it is a gift, so you will have to wait!! I will say I don't have the best of luck with iron ons though. 

We went into town to goto East Side Marios, as they had a good deal on and I have been craving a good salad for weeks. The wait time was horrible, so we ended up eating KFC, which was not very good. Noah didn't complain:

When we got home the boys took Gracie for a walk and just after they got back Grandma and Grandpa came over to take over bedtime routine while M and I while we went out for couples night! We all enjoyed a good game of Cards Against Humanity! We ended up getting home just before midnight. 

Noah did alright with us leaving, luckily we had picked out his favorite books which helped distract him that Daddy wasn't putting him to bed! I will admit, I'm glad he wasn't screaming for me this time - breaks this mamas heart!! But he definetely did better!!

Sunday morning he spoiled us with a sleep in and was in a great mood! Sunday morning snuggles are our fave: 

We managed to get all the laundry put away, we got out the pack and play and the mamaroo, and I snuck in a soak in the hot tub and a nap. I made reservations for dinner this time and we invited my Dad to join us! It was perfect, crazy busy, but perfect and they seemed to think that they messed something up and we ended up getting a free dessert too!! Noah was a champ and really enjoyed the Cesar salad!! 

They had a magician walking around who made Noah a balloon! He was quite impressed with that and his ice cream, but really excited about the funnel cake Mommy and Daddy got to share!! 

He ended up on a crazy sugar high, of course, but we didn't mind, as he behaved soo well during dinner!! We stopped at Walmart for cat food and headed home! He was still spun even after running (literally) through Walmart! 

He also picked out this cat toy for the cats, Jazz thinks you just roll on it... But the other two get it! 

I ended up having to sew the iron ons on the blanket after all, so I did that quickly last night before calling it a night. We also got all the bottles sterilized and dinner made ahead for tonight! We are trying a chicken bacon ranch casserole! 

Noah and I seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold, so we are laying low today. 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

We are supposed to get more snow too, boo! But it is still above zero so that is okay :)
Good idea with the cookie cutters ad sprinkles! Avery loves sprinkles - too much.
Your weekend sounds a lot like mine with getting ready for our babies! Eeek!!
Feel better, A had a tiny cold brewing Thursday so I gave her Elderberry all weekend and it is gone!

Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a productive weekend! Hope you feel better soon!


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