Monday, July 9, 2012

Road Trip Day 2

Here is how Day 2 went down (once again only pics from my iPhone (aka intsagram)):

I hit a bird while driving. But it was luckily ok.

Got up at 5 (6 our time) as a storm was blowing in! Great relief from the heat wave. Tear down was quick, so quick we didn't even get a picture! But the good news is we beat the rain!

It remained cool for a bit so we stopped at a rest stop and ran the dogs! Gracer even returned the ball!

We left Wisconsin, drove to Minnesota hit up an outlet mall just outside of  Minneapolis so  M could get sandals and we gave the girls another break. We ate lunch on the road:

It's getting hot again so hopefully it stays for when we get to Calgary! Its 32 but feels like 42!

Lily found her treat snack bag and helped herself! Silly bugger! We need to refill it tonight now.

We have learned that Mike cannot drive alone, he waits about 20 min into me getting some shut eye and then wakes me up, apologizes and tells me to go back to sleep! I let him sleep!

Hello North Dakota!

The ground just rolls here! Very scenic.

M and I sang some duets along the way, but M wouldn't let me record us!

Another time change! We are now 2 hours behind!

We drove on the "enchanted highway" and saw some cool metal art along the road.

We came across a rest stop which just happened to be the Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Aka The Badlands. Breathtaking! M and I were truly amazed! We are still trying to wrap our minds around all that we saw!

As we were leaving the rest stop we saw wild horses up on one of the canyons!  I wish I had my camera in hand!  Breathtaking!

I am just amazed by all the beauty on earth we have! We had never seen anything like it!

We crossed into Montana.
Our windshield was filthy!!

While following Wanda the GPS, she took us on a real adventure tonight! We found ourselves in back country, clay dirt roads winding up and down hills. We were the only car on the road for miles!  It was all soo much to take in! Sooo different from anything we have seen! There were very few ranches, just cattle in random fields. Herds of what looked like deer, but they were different than what we have at home! (Turns out they are called Mule deer.) Soo peaceful!

When we finally saw a paved road and city lights we felt a sense of relief! It seemed to be dusk forever! Deer were crossing the roads so we had to drive carefully! The sunset was beautiful!

As we rolled into Sidney Montana the sky was filled with fire works!

We decided to stay at a hotel tonight. We found a Microtel in Sidney Montana! The hotel was new, small rooms, but very nice! It was rather pricey! She said they don't get very many tourists so its cheaper on the weekends! The hotel selection was very limited!

This was our first Microtel stay and the dogs first stay in a hotel!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Looks like you're getting a lot of bugs on the windshield!

Courtney said...

David always lets me sleep. I think he needs the break haha!

J and A said...

So fun!! I love all your photos. That hotel is crazy small!!

Heather Draney said...

You're getting near my neck of the woods :) I'm in Eastern Idaho.

Hope you're having a blast!

Aunt Mary said...

Wow it has been forever since I was in Montana...I loved it..BIG SKY is right...the Badlands are beyond words....enjoy every moment!!!


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