Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

 I saw this floating around last week and since I was still recapping my trip I couldn't join in. I know I still have to finish recapping, but I miss regular blogging!!

So here we go:

If You Really Knew Me:

- I sleep with my "binki" still... aka my baby blanket. I cannot give it up! I have 2, but one has been retired. It got too many holes in it, and I promised my Grandma I would put it away. But I had a back up and it is in bad shape now too!! I NEED a new one badly!! Any knitters out there? Please?

- I love to sing. You will always find me singing along to the radio, rapping, you name it I have probably sang it! I also used to be a part of the church children's choir!

- I bite my nails - hence why I pay $45 bucks a month to have pretty nails, because otherwise I have none!! I thought having the gels for over a year would break my habit, so I stopped for 2 months and I just got out of control again!!

- I am a picture finatic!! I love pictures! I love having them, I love taking them, I love editing them, I love everything about them and I always have!!

- I can drive a tractor, not well, but I can get it done!!

- The bottoms of my legs do not have pigment. It runs in my Mom's side of the family! I'd say I have my Dad's skin from the knees up! However, I have been working on establishing some color. This year I just had to put on bug spray and I now have a tan, but I don't expect that to last long!

- I love curling my hair! Infact I prefer my hair curled over straight! Although I have become pretty lazy with my hair lately...

- I have really picky feet! Takes me a long time to break in a new pair of shoes, especially if I get blisters after the first wear, there is the possibility that I will not wear them again! Sandals are the worst!
- I also do not wear high heels! I am tall people!! So not only do I save myself from breaking an ankle and being uncomfortable, but I still manage to have height as well!! Thank goodness hubby is tall too!!
- I actually enjoy reality tv shows, for the most part that is! I don't even know why I watch Teen Mom - it drives me batty, but I like The Bachelor/Bachlorette/Bachelor Pad, Love in The Wild, Texas Women, the odd Real Housewives, Jennie Garth's A Little Bit Country, etc.
- I can't watch scary movies anymore!! I used to love them, but not anymore and neither does M! Jeepers Creepers scared both M and I and we haven't watched another scary movie since!
- I am afraid to drive beside transport trucks! It freaks me right out. They never drive straight. When passing one I will drive on the rumble strip if necessary!


Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

I don't wear high heals either, if I did, I would be even taller than my husband.
I hate driving next to semis also! People laugh at me about it, but after several near misses I'm kind of traumatized by semis and always ready to go off on the rumble strip if I need to!

Meagan said...

Fellow tall girl reality show lover and your newest follower on here and twitter!

J and A said...

You are tall! Taller than I thought you were! I am short, so I love heels! I also love reality TV!

Leslie said...

I am short too so I almost always wear heels!
I won't watch scary movies either. They give me bad dreams for weeks after


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