Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday!

I'm taking another break from the road trip recap... I will finish that next week!!
Here are the random thoughts and happenings of this week so far:

This is Lily after I came home from work and found that she had chewed a pair of my clean underwear! She had a whole basket to choose from and still chose mine! She totally gives herself up and punished herself! I found it soo hard to not laugh! I had to give her a time out in hopes to correct this behavior! I know she was just mad because this was their first day in over 2 weeks of being left home alone! She is too stinkin' cute to be mad at! She just kept wagging her tail, but cowering!

This is Lily sneaking out of her time out! At least she knows she was in the wrong!

- I was back to work yesterday and had soo much work! No complaints! But I actually have a lot of work to do Friday too!!

- I woke up yesterday on time, without help of the alarm clock! The volume was turned right down!

- After waking up yesterday and hoping to enjoy my last rice krispie for breakfast, M had taken it on me! Not impressed! Fruit bar it was!

- We played ball last night and won!! Broke us out of our losing streak hopefully!

- It is raining today!!! I wouldn't normally be happy about this, but we haven't had rain in like a month!! It is a nice gentle rain and smells awesome!!

- I am planning on making homemade perogies and today would have been perfect, but I don't have any bacon! I don't want to waste a trip to town for one thing!!

- We have dinner with Nicole and Mike tomorrow night! We have not seen them in waaay to long!! Where does the time go? I will be making my first wheat-free meal!

- M and I are celebrating 5 years of an awesome marriage on Saturday!! How awesome is it that it is falling on a Saturday too!! A letter will be posted on the blog to him tomorrow!! 5 years!!!

- M plays ball tonight! Hoping for a hometown win tonight!!

- I got mail today!! And it was just what I was waiting for!! My pictures from Whitney Cowan Photography!!! I love love love them!!!

- Not only do I have the pictures now, but Shutterfly is having a photobook sale!!! Perfect timing!!

Happy Thursday Friends!!


Jenn said...

Love the pic of your dog all guilty. So funny. Sucks about the undies, but at least you got a funny moment out of it! :)

Jessica said...

Aww Lily looks so pathetic and guilty! Hahaha

Sar said...

Your puppies are PRECIOUS! I love them!

Katie said...

BAHAHAHA! That is the best guilty face! Soooo funny! What's with dogs and chewing up underwear? My sister's dog does the same thing! Creepers!

Happy Thursday!

J and A said...

Oh Lily... you look like Cruz when she is in trouble!! Glad you got WCP's and love them!! That's a great shot! Show more!! 5 years wow!!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Lily! I just love dogs!

Hilary Lane said...

Aww, she looks so guilty!


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