Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip Day 3!!

On the road again early! Will be making it to Calgary today!

Mike had to clean the windshield after last night's drive!!

Have to keep an eye on the road these deer are everywhere! We just saw a dead one that had taken the mirror off a car or truck!

Mike hit a bird and unfortunately it didn't survive!

Saw our first truck with a shot gun rack.

We stopped for a bathroom break in a sketchy area. Forgot that nothing is open today.

Saw a random bull on the side of the road not fenced in!

We are back in Canada!

Crossing the border was bizarre! We pulled into a garage and the one and only guy drilled us on what we had, where we were from, etc. Sooo different from what we have at home!

It is windy here but cooler! Only 24!

Only 18 in Elkwater Town Site/Cypress Hills. Once again beautifully landscaped - reminds me of The Muskoka's!

Saw the worlds largest tepee.

Saw elk.

Made it to our hotel! Looks shabby on the outside, I was worried! They are in the process of renovating it. Luckily the inside was done! Our room is nice and roomy!

When we arrived the girls had a warm welcome from various staff! One of them got even got down on the ground and have them a good loving!

We had a late dinner and off to bed early! We were tired!! Meeting Alison tomorrow!!!


Kae said...

Yay! sounds good! too bad for sketchy places. and so exciting to meet alison tomorrow!

J and A said...

Looks so fun. You guys saw so much!! Best day is coming!! Canmore and dinner date!! ;)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

24?! I am jealous.
love the pictures!


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