Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Road Trip: Day 7

I am back at work today!!! Soo I hope you enjoy Day 7!!! We are just about finished with the recaps!!

July 8, Day 7:

This morning M and I managed to sleep in until 8! After we got up and realized that the dogs had not woke us up, but instead they slept in Jenna and Brent's room and Gracie woke Jenna up several times! Stinker!

After our pancake breakfast, we got the quads all ready to go to move the cows!

What a neat experience that was, except it took a while as the cows did not want to go! Once we got them out of the yard they co-operated a bit more!

After getting them to the new pasture, we headed out for a quad ride and Brent gave us a tour if the land around! The quad trails were fun! Us girls ended up with mud on our feet and legs and a few splashes on our clothes.

We stopped at the mountain peak and took in some fantastic views! We decided it was not the best place for our wiener roast and went to the cabin instead!

We roasted up some sausage and hung out! Jenna and Brent's friends Kevin & Christine came up as well! We had a fun time!

I found a couple of ticks crawling  up my leg! Yuck! I became paranoid and applied more musk oil! I don't usually wear a high spf sunscreen but borrowed some of Jenna's, but it didn't matter! I got burnt! I don't usually burn ever, but I am guessing it is because of the Musk-oil! I was glistening pretty good!

Before heading back to watch the Riders game Christine and I couldn't help but to comment on how dirty Jenna's shirt was! All three of us were wearing white tanks (and pink underwear which came into topic later)

Jenna fixed our white shirts on the way home! Christine and I were covered in dust! I was pretty much driving with my eyes shut! Once we arrived back at the farm and realized how dirty we were we couldn't help but to laugh and share a few more drinks!

A few more friends came over to watch the game. Brent brought the TV outside and we watched the game. According to everyone over here, M and I have accents, which to us they do! So much time was spent joking around about the differences! The language interpretation only got worse as the night went on!

The Rough Riders actually won!

It was a super fun day, aside from my intense burn!


Jessica said...

I've never heard of using musk oil! But I will because I freaking HATE ticks!

J and A said...

I love all the cows!! Boo to
Sun burns!! No fun. I have never heard if musk

Kae said...

Yucky sun burns, but the rest sounds like so much fun :)


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