Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Rewind!!

I am taking a little break from the the Road Trip Recap!!! Today I am going to tell you what we did when we got home and how our weekend went down!!

We got home Thursday at 5 AM! We went right to bed and then I was up before 10 AM. I have spent the weekend catching up on that missed sleep! Soo glad we drove right through because had we stayed over in the US and came home Friday we would have been stuck for a while because one of the Michigan borders was shut down because of a bomb threat, which means security would have been crazy and long wait times!

M slept until around 12 and then we emptied the truck onto the side deck. I wanted everything washed before bringing it in!

We also decided it was best to give the dogs a much needed bath!

Gracie couldn't stand to be soo clean!

The rest of the day was spent doing LAUNDRY!!

We also decided we better put up the pool because we are in the middle of another heat wave!!

It is not much, but enough to get wet in!

We had a pretty lax day to say the least!!

Friday we HAD to water the front lawn! It was is dead. Very very dead!! But everyone else`s is too!!

We worked on more laundry. M decided it was best to turn his fire pager back on and within 45 minutes he was off to a hay wagon on fire!

We were going to go into town and get groceries, but I didn`t feel like trying to figure out what we needed on my own, so we survived one more night with no groceries! M didn`t get home until supper time and dove right in the pool!

We had dinner and then off to ball. The boys have been on a losing streak lately, clearly they need to snap out of it!

Saturday we finally got some groceries. M ended up getting a couple of medical calls in the afternoon. The pager has been pretty busy since he got home!

Saturday night we went to M & J`s for an outdoor movie night!! We watched American Pie Reunion. I had made Cake Batter Krispies to take over for a snack!! Another awesome Pinterest find!! They turned out to be the best rice krispies EVER!!

Sunday we decided to get everything completely unpacked and put away!! We also tidied up the house! M`s parents were coming home from their trip and we decided to have them over for dinner. But first we had to go to the farm and see their reaction to their new kitchen that was finished while they were away! It looks awesome!!

I tried two more recipes off of Pinterest for dinner last night!

I made these:

Pinned Image
but skipped the salt and Rosemary and used all seasoning and parm cheese!

and these honey glazed carrots:

Pinned Image

Both of them turned out good and I will be making them again!!

M ended up having to play ball in town last night for a friend, so dinner was cut short. We then decided to pick up the groceries we forgot!!

That was our weekend in a nut shell!!

Now M is back to work!! I still have until Tuesday!!


Jessica said...

Cake batter rice krispie treats!??! Sign me up!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Those rice krispie treats look sooooo good!! Our dog does the same thing in the grass after a bath - totally defeats the purpose! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pool! My folks have one of those! Bet the dogs loved their bath too!!

J and A said...

That pool is awesome!! Sounds like the perfect weekend! Cruz does the same after a bath!! ha

Kristin said...

ahhh I want one of those rice krispies right now!!


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